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Колектив Центру глобалістики «Стратегія ХХІ» з глибоким сумом сприйняв звістку про непоправну втрату для українського суспільства – смерть Ірини Бекешкіної, директора фонду «Демократичні ініціативи» імені Ілька Кучеріва. 


Energy Security and Strategic Communication

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 15:49

The project entitled “Energy security and effective strategic communication of civil and governmental actors: V4+Ukraine” was carried out between February 2018 and June 2019 at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, as part of the organizations “Economy & Energy” program. The project was realized with five partner organizations: the Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (Slovakia), Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI” (Ukraine), KNO Česko, spol. s r.o. (Czech Republic) and Center for Fair Political Analysis (Hungary). It was supported financially by the International Visegrad Fund.


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas holidays!

Friday, 27 December 2019 20:24

Dear friends and colleagues!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas holidays!

2019 was a year of new challenges, tasks and achievements. It has shown the need of persistent and constant work, without which success cannot be achieved. We thank you for sharing this year with us!

We wish the coming 2020 year bring you only success, pleasant moments and realization of your ideas. We wish you health, love, family comfort and inflammatory energy in the New Year!

Ukraine will win!

Happy Holidays!

Team of the Centre Strategy XXI”

happy new year 2020

By October 2019, the security situation in the Black Sea region remains unstable, with a tendency of further deterioration. Russia continues to use hybrid warfare technologies both in the Black Sea region and in the contiguous regions of the Caspian, Eastern Mediterranean, and the Balkans, where it is openly seeking dominance to counter the West.


The peculiarity of the hybrid war is that it is carried out in disguise and is aimed not at the physical capture of the whole country, although it is not excluded taking control over separate areas or the entire territory, but to obtain patronage over the state that is achieved through influence on the population, politicians, business and power structures. Therefore, countering hybrid threats requires attention to improving the sustainability of society. Strategic communications and information security hold one of the first places in countering hybrid threats, and Ukraine increased its attention to them after the beginning of the active phase of Russian aggression in 2014. They became one of the priority areas of cooperation between Ukraine, NATO and the EU. 

Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI has a great pleasure to present to your attention the results of the monitoring of security situation in the Black Sea region. The corresponding policy-brief "Black Sea Security: New Challenges" was prepared based on the conclusions of the experts - authors of the Black Sea Security Journal No 2 (34) 2019, in the framework of the Project "Promoting Security in the Black Sea Region through Greater Engagement of Non-Governmental Organizations" with the support from the Black Sea Trust Fund, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.




Russia introduced a number of restrictions on freedom of navigation in the Black Sea in July-August 2019. The motives of these restrictions are not fully understood.

By Mykhailo Gonchar, President of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI













23 липня 2019 року у Києві був проведений круглий стіл «Російський лобізм в Україні: шляхи проникнення і можливості протидії», організований Центром глобалістики «Стратегія ХХІ» за підтримки Міжнародного фонду «Відродження», що був присвячений обговоренню лобістської діяльності Росії в Україні, а також можливих шляхів перешкоджання і протидії деструктивним впливам агресора. До дискусії у форматі Chatham house долучились представники експертного середовища, парламенту, наукових інституцій, громадських організацій та медіа.

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