Repressions Against Ukrainian Citizens in the Occupied Crimea

9 November 2016 in the occupied Crimea, the FSB arrested Oleksiy Bessarabov and Dmytro Shtyblikov, former experts of NOMOS Center, which were accused by the occupational regime in the preparation of the acts of sabotage. By 2014, detained Ukrainian citizens had been working in the NOMOS Center as the experts on regional military and political issues of the Black Sea region, participated in the publication of the "Black Sea Security" magazine, were participants to international conferences on security issues known in expert and journalistic circles.



The work of NOMOS Center as a think tank was public and transparent. The Center took part in the number of researches in cooperation with experts from various Ukrainian and foreign research centers, NATO and the European Commission. In 2014, after the occupation of Crimea, NOMOS Center was closed for principle reasons, based on the inadmissibility of its reregistration under the occupational legislation regime.

Mykhailo Gonchar as a former director on energy programs in NOMOS Center, in his interview for Novaya Gazeta reports: «Oleksiy and Dmytro actually worked in our center. Dmytro was an analyst, while Oleksiy was more engaged in publishing. In 2014, the Center was closed, but Shtyblikov and Bessarabov left in Crimea. Shtyblikova, for example, has relatives living in the Crimea, he did not have enough motivation to go ... I do not know what did Shtyblikov D. after "Crimean Spring", but Oleksiy Bessarabov covered the events that took place in Sevastopol for Ukrainian media. I think their detention is connected with the activities of the NOMOS Center. We quite openly advocated the European path of Ukraine ..."


The detention of citizens of Ukraine is an attempt to discredit Ukraine on the part of Russia in the eyes of the international community and proof of the repressive policy of the occupation authorities against the Ukrainian citizens in Crimea. Repression went beyond the Crimean Tatar population segment of the peninsula. Occupants form an atmosphere of fear in the peninsula and Russia. They try to show that all around are the enemies, saboteurs and spies. All that they have done is in the style of the NKVD in 30s when the victims were appointed. Putin's regime has long crossed all red lines. Long time has come to stop the Kremlin edifice of totalitarianism.

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