Third Central European Energy Policy Forum in Budapest

On 30-31 May, 2018 the associate expert of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI Igor Stukalenko participated in the Third Central European Energy Policy Forum "Challenges and opportunities of the EU-Ukrainian gas market integration. How can the neighbours contribute?" in Budapest. The forum was devoted to the issues of integration of the Ukrainian gas market to the EU, challenges and opportunities of this process, the possible contribution of the neighboring countries. The event was organized by the Hunragian Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research - REKK. 

The forum was attended by the representatives of the European commission (DG Energy), the European organizations (ACER, ECT Secretariat), diplomats (Ukraine, Hungary, the U.S), oil and gas companies (Ukrtranzgaz, MOL, Eustream, IP System Zrt, MFGT, FGSZ, Transgaz, Gaz System), expert community, the NGOs from Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe. 

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Hungary Lubov Nepop has emphasized the importance of counteraction to the efforts of Russia to use energy resources as a weapon, constructing bypassing gas pipelines. Energy blackmail is one of the elements of the hybrid war between Moscow and Ukraine and our European and Euro-Atlantic partners. She made focus on the importance of the Association Agreement (AA) as a legal basis for strengthening coordination of plans and developing a solidarity position between Ukraine and the EU. It is important that the EU side also has to comply with AA provisions on the need for coordination and coordination of infrastructure projects that affect energy security.

The representative of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI, Igor Stukalenko submitted a report "Gas infrastructure of Ukraine as a part of the European gas market and the EU-Ukraine Assosiation Aggrement"

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