Book. WARS XXI: Russia's Polyhybression

To download English version of the book "Wars XXI: Russia's Polyhybression" 

The author of the idea and director of the Project: Mykhailo Gonchar. 

The book proposes an energy-centered approach to explain the phenomenon of war, its energy forms. The research on the use of energy resources and energy infrastructure as a tool for keeping the hidden warfare, was carried out. 

The book gives a chance to play a puzzle of new generation war phenomenon of Russia's hybrid type aggression against Ukraine and Russia's multifrontal crypto war against the West. 

The publication is intended for a wide range of experts and researchers who are focused on understanding the issues of the new generation wars and modern Russia. It was written in the framework of Antares Project (research project of the non-military components of new generation wars implemented by the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI) with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. 





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