Putin's Streams: Military Threats Featured

In Europe, gas pipelines as Nord Streams are estimated only from the business coordinate system.  There is also a military dimension, which fits in the technology of polyhybression of Putin’s Russia – multifrontal and multidimensional hybrid aggression that the Kremlin conducts against Ukraine and the West including non-military and military means. Russian attack on the Ukrainian group of vessels on November 25, 2018 in the Black Sea near the illegally constructed Russian bridge across the Kerch Strait demonstrated that Russia is using the built infrastructure to expand its military presence under the false pretext of its protection.  

The construction of the bridge across the Kerch Strait was the reason to expand the list of tasks set by Kremlin not only to the Black Sea Fleet, but also to the Russian Aerospace Forces, the National Guard of Russia, the FSB, and intelligence services of the Russian Federation. Similar scheme should be expected for the corridors of the Russian "flows" in the Baltic and Black Seas. This means additional militarization of these regions under the pretext of protecting them.


схема 1

The scheme of deployment of additional Russian forces in the area of Kerch strait


It can be confidently stated that the construction of the Nord Stream 2 in the Baltic Sea and the TurkStream in the Black Sea will be used by Russia to justify the increase and diversification of its military presence in the waters of both seas as well as on the coastline. There is the need to protect strategically important offshore infrastructure, common and mutually beneficial Russian-German, Russian-Turkish and Russian-Bulgarian gas trade relations, as well as to neutralize threats posed by NATO, the USA, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States that in accordance with a Russian view are ready to resort to aggressive actions to block / destroy the new infrastructure, as they actively opposed it. According to this approach, the likelihood of a scenario of hybrid occupation of the Baltic States and an increase in forces in the Kaliningrad region under the pretext of establishing a security zone for greater securitization of the main Russian-EU and Russian-German gas trade route is sharply increasing. In this case, it can be expected that NATO members such as Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria may not be on the side of the Alliance, but vice versa. 

 We propose to your attention a video visualization (scroll the page) of the militarist consequences of the Nord Stream 2 construction. Our conclusion remains the same: the best option for Europe is to abandon the Nord Stream 2, and for the United States - to block it with all possible means.




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