Lviv Security Forum: Modern Threats and Receips to Overcome Them

Team of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI has attended Lviv Security Forum 2019, held on October 30 - November 1, 2019 and focused on the counteraction to Russian hybrid aggression in Ukraine and Europe. 

Our experts presented to the public the last Issue No 3 (35) of the Black Sea Security Journal , which contains the results of the monitoring of security situation in the Black Sea - Sea of Azov Region. The monitorig is conducted in the framework of the Project "Promoting Security in the Black Sea Region through Greater Engagement of Non-Governmental Organizations" realized with the support from the Black Sea Trust Fund, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. 









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During the panel “Militarization of Crimea: Challenges for the Region”, Mykhailo Gonchar, President of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI, drew attention to the application of international law to counter the militarization of the entire Black Sea region by Russia, in particular, concerning the abuse of international standards SOLAS-74 (closure of waters for navigation)  by Russia and the lack of response by the Spanish Government as coordinator of the Mediterranean and Black Sea navigation zones.

How to release the Kremlin's hostages is an issue that is a challenge for human security in the Black Sea region. The participants in the Lviv Security Forum drew attention to Russia's torture and non-compliance with international law, international humanitarian law and bilateral agreements.


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Particular attention during the Forum was devoted to the prospects of Ukraine's integration with NATO. In this context, the Centre Strategy XXI presented the issue of Black Sea Security, which included materials on the Alliance's 70th anniversary, prepared in the framework of the Project "Raising Awareness on NATO among the communities of the East and South of Ukraine" implemented with the support of the British Embassy in Ukraine.

The Black Sea Security Journals and research papers, prepared with support of the Konrad Adenauer Office in Ukraine, on the EU-Ukraine and NATO-Ukraine cooperation development in cyber security and strategic communications were presented to the library of the Ukrainian Catholic University. 





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