Hanna Hopko: Fighting for return of Donbas and Crimea, we fight for the European security architecture

On March 19, 2019 in the premises of V.I. Vernadskii Taurida National University, shifted from the annexed Crimea in Kyiv, an international conference "Putin's wars in Eastern Europe: Post Crimean reality", was held. International conference was organized by the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI in partnership with V.I. Vernadskii Taurida National University and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Office in Ukraine. 

Hanna Hopko, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, took part in the opening of the conference. "The theme chosen - "Putin's Wars in Eastern Europe" addresses not only the events of five years ago - the beginning of the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine by the seizure of the Crimea. It is important for us to predict Russia's subsequent actions both against Ukraine and in general in Eastern Europe. Today it is clear that Russia is not going to stop in its expansion, "said Hanna Hopko. 

Once again Hanna Hopko focused on the construction of the Nord Stream 2: "This project, not yet implemented, has already fulfilled the Kremlin task of splitting the EU and NATO. It is part of the hybrid war of Putin's Russia against the West. This is what the Kremlin needs, since the weaker the West, the stronger Russia will be for the money gained from the sale of oil and gas in Europe. "

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