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12 липня 2019 р.  в Італії у Павії суд засудив  Віталія Марківа, який виконував свій громадянський обов’язок у лавах сил захисту України від російської воєнної інтервенції, до 24 років ув’язнення за причетність до вбивства громадянина Італії, журналіста Андреа Роккеллі (під Слов’янськом (Україна) у 2014 році). 


At the end of April 2019, several European countries announced the suspension of Russian oil transit. The issue was a lack of quality of supplied raw materials according to the standard indexes of Urals Russian export mixture. As it turned out, the problem was a high content of organochlorine compounds, which must be excluded. 


EU must get real on Russia

Friday, 15 March 2019 15:09

Since February 2014, Russia has been waging an undeclared and unprovoked war on its peaceful neighbour Ukraine.

After establishing control of Crimea through its subversive operation and covert military invasion, on 16 March that year, Russia staged a show of "local support" for its land grab by conducting a fake secessionist "referendum" on Ukraine's territory.





Ukraine will be able to fully secure domestic gas production in the next 5 years and refuse import, is confident the president of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI Mykhailo Gonchar. The government should work on complete self-sufficiency of gas, increasing its production and reducing consumption. Then it will be possible to reduce the price of blue fuel for the population.


The decision of France to compromise with Germany regarding the Nord Stream 2 demonstrates the ability of Germany to impose its will on other EU member states. Such a view on the air of the Ukrainian Radio in the program "International context" was expressed by the president of the Center for Global Studies  "Strategy XXI" Mykhailo Gonchar. 

President of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI, Mykhailo Gonchar comments in the interview for ICTV  on the potential of the military use of the oil and gas infrastructure facilities as well as the prospects of the positive for JSC Chornomornaftogaz judgement by the Hague Сourt. 




Russia can use the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines for expansion of its military presence in the Baltic Sea region. This was announced to UNIAN journalists by the president of the Center for Global Studies  Strategy XXI Mykhailo Gonchar. 

What will be the tariffs in 2019

Monday, 28 January 2019 13:11

Policymakers promise to lower gas prices, so what will happen with tariffs in 2019? Of course, it is important to wait for the election campaign is completed. Now we see a lot of populist slogans. Such an opinion was expressed in the commentary of Slovo i Dilo by the president of the Center for Global Studies "Strategy XXI", Mykhailo Gonchar, assessing the tariff policy.

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