Press Briefing 'Practical Examples of Energy Efficiency for Ukrainian Cities from Slovak Colleagues'

On June 26, 2017, the press briefing was held in Ukrinform on the theme: "Practical Examples of Energy Efficiency for Ukrainian Cities from Slovak Colleagues".

The press briefing was held on the results of the study trip of the representatives of the municipal and state authorities of Ukraine to Slovakia within the framework of the project "Building capacities for energy sector reform: sharing Slovak experience with Ukraine".

The moderator of the press briefing was Mykhailo Gonchar, the President of the Centre for Global Studies "Strategy XXI", that is the co-partner of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association in the implementation of the above project funded by USAID. The experts of the Centre Andrii Chubyk and Serhii Zhuk, as well as the participants of the trip - Dmytro Ivanov, Chairman of the Commission on Economic Development and Investment Activities of the Chernihiv Regional Council, and Mykhailo Pavlychenko, the representative of the International Finance Corporation, the Regional Coordinator of the Ukraine Energy Efficiency Project - shared their views about the study trip during the briefing.

Serhii Zhuk, as coordinator of the trip, spoke in his presentation about the main stops of the study trip and set out its conclusions from what he saw in Slovakia. He pointed out that the basis for successful implementation of energy efficiency projects in Slovakia is a purposeful, clear state policy, which coincides with the interests of local communities, and availability of low-cost financial resources, and in most cases - grants, for implementation of many projects.

Dmytro Ivanov, in turn, shared his impressions of experience, noting that the issue of energy efficiency is a security issue. He called the energy efficiency policy of Slovakia as a very effective one and outlined some Ukrainian realities in the context of the reform of the system of local governments, and the availability of relevant local staff for implementation of energy efficiency projects. In addition, he stressed the importance of a comprehensive approach, which is used by Slovaks in implementation of energy efficiency projects, particularly in rennovation and thermomodernization of buildings.

Mykhailo Pavlychenko, for his part, described the situation with of the thermomodernization of the housing sector in Ukraine, existing programs and their effect. He also drew attention to the necessity to strengthen attention to the thermomodernization of municpal buildings of Ukraine. Mykhailo Pavlychenko noted the similarity of problems in Slovakia and Ukraine, which have similar projects of residential buildings, and, respectively, should have similar methods of solving such problems. Therefore, the study of the Slovak experience will provide the most efficient path for use of limited financial resources in Ukraine.

Andrii Chubyk provided a general description of the joint Slovak-Ukraine project and its prospects, given the importance of energy efficiency issue. He also cited specific examples, in particular the city of Khotyn, where after taking part in the Conference and travel to Slovakia the work in realization of projects on energy efficiency was activated.

In addition, the participants of the briefing expressed their concern about the lack of trained personnel in local governments, especially in the small towns, which could efficiently prepare applications for grants and financial aids for financing of energy efficiency projects, and stressed the need to strengthen the communication between government, non-governmental agencies, donor organizations, as well as with foreign, including Slovak, communities to get their better experiences.


The full record of the event (in Ukrainian) you can find at the Ukrinform website. You can also watch it on YouTube.

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