President of the Centre for Global Studies "Strategy XXI",

Master of Applied Science, Leading Researcher


Research Focus:

Energy security, international energy and security relations, oil and gas sector, unconventional hydrocarbons, energy sector reforms, global energy markets

Associate Expert of the Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”

Master of Economics, Senior Researcher

Research Focus:

Energy sector developments in Ukraine, Europe and global, international energy policies and relations, unconventional hydrocarbons, energy transparency, energy security, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Acting Executive Director of the Centre for Global Studies "Strategy XXI", 

Head of the International Programs, 

Master of International Relations, Senior Researcher


Research Focus:

International political and security relations, EU foreign policy, NATO, Eastern partnership, Balkans, international security

Head of the Security Programs of Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”

Master of Military Arts and Sciences, Senior Researcher


Research focus:

state national security, international humanitarian and maritime law, Euro-Atlantic cooperation, history of naval arts

Head of Programs on International Information and Strategic Communications 

 Analyst in international and energy relations of Centre for Global Studies "Strategy XXI",  Researcher


Research Focus:

Energy sector of Ukraine, Europe, global energy market, unconventional gas, international relations

Associated analyst of Centre for Global Studies "Strategy XXI"

Master of Arts, Researcher, Journalist 


Research Focus:

 energy security and international relations in Trans Atlantic, Central Eastern European regions, NATO United States and the European Union foreign politics.

born on Madagascar in 1963. Graduate of the Kyiv State T.Shevchenko University, PhD in Political Science. Since 1991 employed in bank sector of Ukraine, political and economic expert for several leading mass media in Ukraine, researcher at the Agency for humanitarian technologies. Author of more than 200 articles, including on geopolitical and strategical development of Ukraine.

associated expert of the Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”. Born in Alchevsk, Luhansk region in 1965. In 1988 graduated Donbass State Technical University, Doctor of Engineering, Professor of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (KPI).

associated expert of the Centre for Global Studies "Strategy XXI". She is involved in political studies Ukraine since 1999. From 2003 to 20014 Olexia Basarab has been a research director for the Strategic and Security Studies Group (GSSS) think tank (Kyiv). Since 2014 she has been an affiliated researcher at the GSSS and publicist at the publication.

Head of Energy Programs of the Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”

Master of Applied Science, Senior Researcher 


Research Focus: 

International energy and security relations, Ukrainian energy infrastructure in the context of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and Energy Community, effective use of the Ukrainian gas infrastructure, EU-Ukraine common policy on security of supply of energy resources, monitoring of gas and oil markets, price indicators.  

Master of Arts, Research Felow, 

Head of Asian Bureau of Black Sea Security Magazine