12-й Українсько-Американський безпековий діалог

The 12th annual US-Ukraine Security Dialogue, entitled Divining the New Administration’s Approach to Ukraine’s Most Pressing Security Issues, was, was held online on Wednesday-Thursday, March 3-4, 2021.

This Zoom webinar, scheduled to run as four-hour segments on consecutive days is dedicated to gauging how the Biden national security and foreign policy team might deal with, and hopefully aid, Ukraine’s efforts to thwart military threats, threats of political subversion, undue economic/energy pressures and varied disinformation campaigns. The gathering will also give prominence, as tradition would have it, to considering why Ukraine’s security still matters both to its neighbors and the world at large.

The complete program (subject to change), along with a list of invited speakers, can be viewed here: //ucca.org/.../2020/03/USUASD2021-FULL-BROCHURE-v3.pdf

Day 2 speakers included:

-> Walter Zaryckyj - Executive Director of the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations

-> Mykola Hryckowian – President of the Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine

-> Statement from Roman Mashovets – Deputy Head of the Офіс Президента України on National Security and Defense

Theme: "How Might the New Administration Aid Ukraine in Matters of Economic & Energy Security

-> Amb. William Courtney – Executive Directorof the RAND Business Leaders Forum

-> Mykhailo Honchar – President of the Centre for Global Studies "Strategy XXI"

-> Anders Åslund - Eurasia Center Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council

-> Ariel Cohen – Energy, Growth and Security Program Director at the International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC)

Theme: "How Might the New Administration Aid Ukraine in Combatting Disinformation & Providing Cyber-Security"

-> Amb. Roman Popadiuk – President of the Diplomacy Center Foundation

-> Ostap Kryvdyk – Chair of the "Ukraine and the World” program at the Український католицький університет UCuniversity

-> Paul Goble – Editor of Window on Eurasia

-> Katerina Sedova – Research Fellow at the Center for Security and Emerging Technology at Georgetown University

Theme: "What the Ukrainian Government Might Expect from the New Administration in Security Assistance Matters"

-> Orest Deychakiwsky – Co-Chair of the Transatlantic Task Force on Ukraine

-> Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) – Chair of the U.S. Helsinki Commission

Theme: "A Word about the 117th Congress"

-> Rep. Andy Harris, M.D. – Co-Chair of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus

-> Andriy Futey – UCCA President

-> Andrij Dobriansky – #USUASD2021 Webmaster

This full-day conference was a collaborative effort of the:

-> Center for U.S.-Ukrainian Relations (CUSUR) //www.usukrainianrelations.org/

-> American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) //www.afpc.org/

-> Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) //ucca.org/

Attendees were able to participate free of cost due to the generous contributions of the:

-> Self Reliance New York Federal Credit Union -//www.selfrelianceny.org/

-> Heritage Foundation of the First Security Federal Savings Bank //uaheritagefoundation.org/ -

-> BCU Foundation of the Toronto-based Buduchnist Credit Union //bcufoundation.com/

-> the Jurkiw Family Fund

Archives of past conference video live-streams can be found here: //www.facebook.com/UCCA.org/videos