Сentre for Global Studies Strategy XXI is a non-governmental, non-profit civil society organisation, which consolidates on a voluntary basis citizens to satisfy and protect their joint research, social and economic interests.

The Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI is engaged into:

1) research of 

  • global issues of energy sector developments,
  • energy policies and international security,
  • development of energy relations with countries from the Black Sea, Caspian, Baltic Sea regions, Central Asia and the European Union;

2) development of policy briefs and guidelances for public authorities, NGOs and other interested institutions on energy policy and international security, the role and potential of Ukraine as a transit country, Ukraine's relations with the countries of these regions, international organizations and states, showing interest in joint ventures with Ukraine at energy, communications and strategic energy resources mining projects;

3) providing independent expertises on energy extraction, communication and transportation, mining and other energy related projects;

4) providing information, technical and financial support to professionals and researchers, working in the area that corresponds to the subject of activities of the Centre Strategy XXI.