NATO must act in Ukraine NOW!

Please sign the form!!! We call on NATO nations to provide all material, financial, and military assistance to the government of Ukraine to help it defend the country and defeat the aggressor.



March 23.2022


NATO must act in Ukraine NOW!


We, the undersigned political leaders, experts, and representatives of civil society of Ukraine and of various countries around the world, call on the governments of NATO member states to act on your commitment to defend our common values of liberty, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, which are under attack by Russia.


As people across continents witness the heartbreaking suffering of Ukrainian people under barbaric Russian attack, governments of NATO countries are at a decisive moment in history which demands a resolute action to finally stop Vladimir Putin’s rogue regime.


We ask the leaders of NATO countries to acknowledge three key points.


One, Putin’s Russia has become an outlaw terrorist state threatening world peace.


Two, Russia is waging a genocidal war on Ukraine to extinguish Ukraine as an independent nation.


Three, Russia’s main objective is to see the end of the rules-based international order.


That is why we call on NATO nations to embrace their historical mission to protect the future of the free world by taking action in Ukraine now.


We must all stand united to act because:


Russia's genocidal war on Ukraine has the objective of extinguishing Ukraine as an independent nation. Russian armed forces are obliterating Ukraine with terrorist tactics which have caused the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War. Russian armed forces commit war crimes and crimes against the humanity on an industrial scale:


  • The Russian army is directly targeting civilians. In only four short weeks, Russia has killed and wounded many thousands of civilians, including children and infants.

  • Russia is deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure, including critical infrastructure, and erasing whole Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages making them uninhabitable.

  • Russia captured two Ukrainian nuclear power plants and created a risk of a regional environmental catastrophe.

  • Russia is using nuclear blackmail against Ukraine and the world.

  • Russia is conducting mass expulsions of people from the cities it has captured, forcibly relocating them.

  • Russian soldiers are abducting, torturing, sexually assaulting, and raping Ukrainian civilians on the orders of the higher Russian political and military command to intimidate and terrorize the civilian population.

  • Russian forces are persecuting Ukrainians for ethnicity, language, religion, and political views.

  • Russian forces are engaged in the unlawful appropriation and plunder of private and public property, including homes, businesses, factories, places of worship, etc.

  • Russian forces are deliberately destroying food storage facilities, appropriating thousands of tons of Ukrainian wheat, and destroying critical infrastructure of the agricultural industry thereby exposing millions to the risk of starvation in Ukraine and food shortages in other countries.

  • Russia’s war has already displaced over 10 million people, with more than 3 million seeking refuge abroad.

  • In the midst of a once in a century pandemic, Russia’s war has forced millions of people into conditions of elevated risk of becoming infected with COVID, adding further risk to their health and lives.


NATO's intervention in Ukraine would be absolutely legitimate and lawful.


  • As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Russia is unlawfully preventing any effective action of the Security Council under the UN Charter to restore peace in Ukraine and prevent further humanitarian crisis.

  • On March 2, 2022, the United Nations General Assembly, in a vote with overwhelming support, recognized Russia's war as unlawful and demanded that Moscow immediately completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from Ukraine.

  • On March 16, 2022 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued its order for Russia to immediately suspend its military operations in Ukraine, including by any irregular armed units directed or supported by Moscow.

  • Ukraine may enter into agreements with NATO or any country willing to offer military help to Ukraine based on the UN Charter which secures Ukraine's right of collective self-defence against an armed attack.


NATO is the only actionable force to implement the will of the international community to stop Russian aggression.


It is a chance for NATO to redefine itself in the twenty first century. The longer Moscow is allowed to drop dumb bombs and use precision missiles to level Ukrainian cities, the greater the scale and cost of destruction will be to the path of NATO’s involvement.


The objective of NATO's mission in Ukraine will be to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe which carries international consequences far beyond Ukrainian borders.


Morality should not end at NATO borders. NATO’s first action in Ukraine should be to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine to protect civilian life and critical infrastructure, including Ukraine’s nuclear infrastructure, from intentional or accidental destruction by Russian forces. For that purpose, NATO can deploy anti-air defence systems and air drones to intercept Russian missiles targeting civilian populated areas in the sky over Ukraine.


We encourage NATO nations to form a united front at a time of unprecedented challenge to global peace and security which will define the future of our world for decades to come.


All our nations stand to lose from the unraveling of the rules-based international order. If we want the world to prosper, global security must take priority over limited national or commercial interests. 


We call on NATO nations to provide all material, financial, and military assistance to the government of Ukraine to help it defend the country and defeat the aggressor.


By thwarting Russia’s aggressive regime in Ukraine, NATO nations will also be protecting the peace and security of the entire European continent and beyond. Help Ukraine to save Europe.


And finally, we call on the leaders of NATO nations to find the resolve to act on our joint responsibility to protect humanity from repeating the devastating lesson of history of the twentieth century when a fascist regime threatening world peace was not stopped in time.






(in alphabetical order)


Agency for Legislative Initiatives, Ukraine

Baltic World, Australia

Black Trident Defense & Security Group

British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (BUCC), Ukraine - United Kingdom 

Canadian Association of Crimean Tatars, Canada

Canadian Group for Democracy in Ukraine, Canada

Center for Civil Liberties, Ukraine

Center for Army Conversion and Disarmament Studies, Ukraine

Center For Research Of Liberation Movement, Ukraine

Center for Strategic Studies, Ukraine

Center for US - Ukrainian Relations, USA

Centre d'étude et de réflexion pour l'Action politique (CERAP), France

CGS Strategy XXI, Ukraine

Civil movement "Vidsich", Ukraine

Council of United Syrians & Americans, USA

DEJURE Foundation, Ukraine

Direct Initiative International Centre for Ukraine, Netherlands - Ukraine - Canada

“East-West” Center for Information and Analysis, Ukraine

Energy Industry Research Center, Ukraine

Environment - People - Law, Ukraine

European Values Center for Security Policy, Czech Republic

International Association for Privacy Protection and Human Safety, Ukraine

International Volunteer Community InformNapalm, Ukraine

Internews Ukraine, Ukraine

Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine, Ukraine

Media Reform Center, Ukraine

MN Ukrainian American Advocacy Committee, USA

National Interests Advocacy Network ANTS, Ukraine

National Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Revolution of Dignity Museum (Maidan Museum), Ukraine

New Geopolitics Research Network, Ukraine

NGO “Election Council US”, Ukraine

NGO «Euroatlantic Course», Ukraine

NGO "Forum of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic", Czech Republic

One Philosophy / UCMC, Ukraine

Razumkov Centre, Ukraine

Regional Public Charitable Foundation "Law and Democracy", Ukraine

Symphony orchestra INSO-Lviv, Ukraine

The Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities (VAAD) of Ukraine, Ukraine 

The Independent Defense Anti-Corruption Committee, Ukraine

The Ukrainians Media, Ukraine

The Ukrainian Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The Washington Group, USA, Estonia

Ukrainian Association for the Club of Rome, Ukraine

Ukrainian Canadian Congress Niagara Branch, Canada

Ukrainian Free Kozaks of Australia, Australia 

Ukrainian National Federation, Canada

Ukrainian National Women’s League of America

Ukraine Support Fund, Canada

World Congress of Crimean Tatars, Turkey 




Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine

President of Ukraine, 2005-2010, Prime Minister of Ukraine, 1999-2001


Roman Hryshchuk, Ukraine

Member of Ukrainian Parliament


Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, Ukraine

Member of Ukrainian Parliament, Chair of Parliamentary Committee on Ukraine’s Integration into the EU, former Deputy Prime-Minister for European and Euroatlantic Integration of Ukraine, 2016-2019


Iryna Gerashchenko, Ukraine 

Member of Ukrainian Parliament


Iryna Friz, Ukraine

Member of Ukrainian Parliament


Mariia Ionova, Ukraine

Member of Ukrainian Parliament


Mykyta Poturaiev, Ukraine

Member of Ukrainian Parliament


Volodymyr Ariev, Ukraine

Member of Ukrainian Parliament,

Vice-President, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, 2015, 2018

President, PACE Committee on Culture, Science, Education ad Media, 2016-2017


Korinnyi Serhii, Ukraine

Member of Ukrainian Parliament


Hanna Hopko, Ukraine

Chair, National Interests Advocacy Network ANTS, Member of Ukrainian Parliament, 2014-2019


Oksana Yurynets,

Professor Lviv Polytechnic National University,

Member of Ukrainian Parliament, 2014-2019, Head of the Permanent Delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the NATO 2018-2019


Serhiy Vysotskyi, Ukraine 

Journalist, Member of Ukrainian Parliament, 2014-2019


Olena Sotnyk, Ukraine

Member of Ukrainian Parliament, 2014-2019


Vladyslav Golub, Ukraine

Member of Ukrainian Parliament, 2014-2019


Eka Tkeshelashvili, Georgia

Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies, Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia, 2010-2012


Volodymyr Omelyan, Ukraine

Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, 2016-2019


Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Canada

Former Canadian Member of Parliament, former Chair of the Canadian NATO Parliamentary Association


Yuri Shymko, Canada

Fmr. Canadian Member of Parliament; Past Pres. Ukrainian World Congress


Giorgi Kvelashvili, Georgia

Former Director of the Department of the Americas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Georgia


Amb. Andrei Sannikov, Belarus

Former Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus


Myroslav Marynovych, Ukraine

Gulag prisoner (1977-1987) 


Kateryna Yushchenko, Ukraine

First Lady, 2005-2010, Chairperson, Ukraine 3000 Foundation


Ariana Gic, Canada

Director, Direct Initiative International Centre for Ukraine


Sergej Sumlenny, Germany

Former Country Director Ukraine and Belarus, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation (2015-2021)


Roman Sohn, Netherlands

Chairman, Direct Initiative International Centre for Ukraine


Alexandra Chalupa, USA

Lawyer and Ukrainian American Human Rights Advocate 


Jakub Janda, Czech Republic

European Values Center for Security Policy


Nicolas Tenzer, France

Chairman, Centre d'étude et de réflexion pour l'Action politique (CERAP)


Victor Rud, USA

Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Ukrainian American Bar Association


Kaveh Shahrooz, Canada

Senior Fellow, Macdonald Laurier Institute


Olga Lautman, USA



Rovshan Muradov, Azerbaijan

Secretary General Nizami Ganjavi International Center


Namık Kemal Bayar, Turkey

World Congress of Crimean Tatars


Andrij Dobriansky, USA

Co-chair of United Ukrainian Organizations of New York 


Žygimantas Pavilionis, Lithuania

International Secretary of Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrats


Yosyp Zisels, Ukraine

Vaad of Ukraine, Congress of Etnic Communities of Ukraine


Oleksandra Matviichuk, Ukraine

Center for Civil Liberties


Viktor Vovk, Ukraine

Vice-president, Ukrainian Association for the Club of Rome


Oleksiy Melnyk, Ukraine

Razumkov Centre


Mykhailo Zhernakov, Ukraine

Chair of the Board, DEJURE Foundation, Jugde of the Vinnytsia District Administrative Court (2012-2015)


Olena Tregub, Ukraine

The Independent Defense Anti-Corruption Committee


Natia Seskuria, Georgia

Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)!


David Stulik, Czech Republic

Senior Analyst, European Values Center for Security Policy


Hamdi Rifai, USA

Council of United Syrians & Americans 


Natalia Dobrovolska, Ukraine and the UK

Board Director, British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce


Ayla Bakkalli, USA

USA Rep. World Congress of Crimean Tatars


Quintin Hoare, United Kingdom

Director, Bosnian Institute


Stanley Sloan, USA

Atlantic Community Initiative


Anton Shekhovtsov, Austria

Centre for Democratic Integrity


Mykhailo Gonchar, Ukraine

President, CGS Strategy XXI


Oksana Ishchuk, Ukraine 

Executive Director, CGS Strategy XXI 


Oleksandra Tsekhanovska, Ukraine

Head of Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group


Dr. Mridula Ghosh, Ukraine

East European Development Institute


Lisa Shymko, Canada

President, Ukraine Support Fund


Mykola Hryckowian, USA

Center for US - Ukrainian Relations


Natalia Pawlenko, USA

Ukrainian National Women’s League of America


Olya Moscicky, Canada

Ukrainian National Federation


Alexander Khara, Ukraine

Centre for Defence Strategies


Mykola Siruk, Ukraine

First Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council of Center for Army Conversion and Disarmament Studies 


Luda Anastazievsky, USA

Chair, MN Ukrainian American Advocacy Committee


Marta Farion, USA

Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America


Myroslava Oleksiuk, Canada

Canadian Group for Democracy in Ukraine


Giorgi Badridze, Georgia 

Senior Fellow, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies


Grace Valdez, Philippines

Muaythai Association of the Philippines


Shmyhalova Iuliia, Ukraine

NGO Ukraine Crisis Media Center 


Oleksiy Pavlenko, Ukraine 

Co-Chairman of Joint Ukrainian Dutch Business Chamber


Yevhen Bystrytsky, Ukraine

Head, NGO “Election Council US”


Yevhen Hlibovytsky, Ukraine

Nestor Group


Taras Zhovtenko, Ukraine

Head, “East-West” Center for Information and Analysis


Ihor Seletskyi, Ukraine

Executive Director, NGO «Euroatlantic Course»


Irene Newton, Canada

Ukrainian Canadian Congress Niagara Branch President


Rustem Irsay, Canada

President, Canadian Association of Crimean Tatars


Arnaud Castaignet, France

Senior Fellow, Open Diplomacy


Adrian Pidlusky, USA

The Washington Group


Michal Majzner, Czech Republic

Společně za Ukrajinu


Boris Chykulay, Czech Republic

Head of NGO "Forum of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic"


Crispin Rovere, Australia

Co-Founder, Baltic World


Marian Tkaczuk, Australia

Past Vice President AFUO (Peak body for Ukrainian organisations in Australia)


Drew Pavlou, Australia

President, Democratic Alliance


Ann Sinnott, United Kingdom

Authentic Equity Alliance (AEA)


Nazar Bobitski, Ukraine

Ukrainian Business and Trade Association


Ruslan Deynychenko, Ukraine

Media Reform Center


Sasha Dovzhyk, United Kingdom/Ukraine

Special projects curator, Ukrainian Institute London


Victoria Karpiak, Canada

Ukrainian National Federation - OG Branch


Vladimir Dubrovskiy, Ukraine

Senior Economist at CASE Ukraine


Mykhailo Samus, Ukraine

New Geopolitics Research Network


Ihor Koliushko, Ukraine

Centre for Policy and Legal Reform


Dariia Hirna, Ukraine

Center For Research Of Liberation Movement


Irena Chalupa, USA



Valeriy Kravchenko, Ukraine

Director, Centre for International Security 


Svitlana Matviienko, Ukraine

Agency for Legislative Initiatives


Olena Kravchenko, Ukraine

Environment - People - Law


Yuri Kushnir, Ukraine

President, Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program Alumni Association 


Vitaliy Razik, Ukraine

Law and Democracy Foundation


Roman Motychak, Ukraine

Ukrainian Financial Forum


Adrianna Stech, Hong Kong, SAR of China

Co-founder, The Ukrainian Society of Hong Kong


Sim Rushton, Canada

Clergy United Church of Canada


Natalya Alyokhina, Australia

Secretary of Ukrainian Free Kozaks of Australia 


Oleksandr Shyn, Ukraine

Liberal Democratic League of Ukraine


Nataliia Popovych, Ukraine

Founder, One Philosophy, co-founder, UCMC


Oleksandr Kharchenko, Ukraine

Energy Industry Research Center


Oleksandr Mykytiuk, Ukraine

Chairman of the Board of Directors at International Association for Privacy Protection and Human Safety


Serhii Naraievskyi, Ukraine

Founding Member, Oxford University Alumni UA


Olexiy Haran, Ukraine

Head of Board of School for Policy Analysis, Professor of University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy


Ihor Poshyvailo, Ukraine

General Director of the National Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Revolution of Dignity Museum (Maidan Museum)


Pavlo Zhovnirenko, Ukraine

Chair of the Center for Strategic Studies


Lada L. Roslycky, USA

LLM, PhD, Black Trident Defense & Security Group


Paula Chertok, USA

Writer/Journalist, East West Blog


Fared Al Mahlool, Syria

Bomb attack survivor. Independent Journalist & Photojournalist covering the humanitarian crisis across Syria.


Wojciech Jakóbik, Poland Editor in Chief


Artem Velychko, Ukraine

InformNapalm English, Editor


Volodymyr Yermolenko, Ukraine

Chief editor of


Alya Shandra, Ukraine

Editor in chief, Euromaidan Press 

Adam Reichardt, Poland

New Eastern Europe 


Olga Tokariuk, Ukraine

Independent journalist


Maksym Eristavi, Ukraine

Journalist and public speaker


Liubov Velychko, Ukraine

Investigative journalist, freelancer


Danylo Terleckyj, USA

Ukrainian Independent Radio


Vitalii Dubenskyi, Ukraine



Boris Khodorkovsky, Ukraine/Canada

Odesa Business News editor-in-chief, Netocrat Communications founder


Yuliya Gorodetska, Ukraine



Christine Eliashevsky Chraibi, Canada/France/Ukraine

Editor, translator Euromaidan Press


Yehor Brailian, Ukraine



Marius Laurinavičius, Lithuania

An international affairs and security analyst


Rory Finnin, United Kingdom

Associate Professor of Ukrainian Studies, University of Cambridge


Gregory Schwartz, United Kingdom

Associate Professor, University of Bristol


Violaine See, France

Professor, University Lyon 1


Andrea Cayley, USA

Law Professor


Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak, USA

Art professor


Robert Hamilton, USA

Professor of Eurasian Studies, U.S. Army War College


Dominique Thevenin, USA

Professor Emerita


Stephanie Kiceluk, USA

Adjunct Professor, NYU


Alexandra Chernysh, Canada



Lubomyr Luciuk, Canada



Victor Ostapchuk, Canada

Associate Professor, University of Toronto


Christopher A. Hartwell, Switzerland

Professor of International Business Policy


Leslie Bary, USA

Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies


Marko Attila Hoare, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Associate Professor, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology


Tetiana Synelnyk, Ukraine

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


Lyudmyla Pavlyuk, Ukraine

Ivan Franko Lviv National University


Taras Okis, Ukraine

Ukrainian Catholic University


Volodymyr Bilotkach, Singapore

Associate Professor


Christopher A. Hartwell, Switzerland

Professor of International Business Policy


Steven Seegel, USA

Professor, University of Texas at Austin


Chrystopher Nehaniv, Canada

Professor, University of Waterloo


Pari Sharafi, Norway

Coordinator at BI Norwegian Business School


Kateryna Shynkaruk, Ukraine

PhD, Assistant Professor of International Relations, University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy


Andriy Dakhniy

Professor, Ivan Franko Lviv National University


Mykhailo Boichenko

Professor, Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University


Volodymyr Bogdanov, France 

PhD, attaché  temporaire d'enseignement et recherche


Christina Paschyn, Qatar/USA

Professor, Northwestern University


Joost Holthuis, Germany

Professor of Molecular Cell Biology


Filiz Tutku Aydın, Turkey

Asst. Prof., Social Science University of Ankara


Paul Gavrilyuk, USA 

Professor of Theology, University of St Thomas 


Ivan Farský, Slovakia

MsN, RN, PhD., Assistant lecturer, nurse


Olga Andreevskikh, Finland

Senior Lecturer in Russian, Tampere University


Veiko Spolitis, Latvia

Associate scholar of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs


Pavlo Sodomora, Ukraine

Lviv Medical University


Yevhen Bystrytsky, Ukraine

Professor, Institute of Philosophy of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Yuliya Bidenko, Ukraine

PhD in Political Science, Associate Professor at Karazin Kharkiv National University


Stepan Yakymiak, Ukraine

PhD, Head of Department of the Naval Forces, National Defense University of Ukraine 


Oleksandr Potiekhin, Ukraine

Institute of World History NAS of Ukraine


Zoja Skrynnyk, Ukraine

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


Marta Konovalova, Ukraine

Associate professor Marta Konovalova, Ukraine


Kateryna Ivashchenko, Ukraine

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences 


Yangbo Du, USA

Managing Director, Sustainable Development Investment Finance Partnership


Oleksandr StehniiiIn, Ukraine

Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences 


Olga Ivashchenko, Ukraine

Snr. Research Fellow, National Academy of Sciences 


Dmytro Bibik, Ukraine

Ambassador, Kyiv-Mohyla School of Governance


Damian Kolodiy, USA

DK Productions


Chaim Boyarksy, Canada



Mark Strychar-Bodnar, Canada



Nataliia Steele, USA


Maxim Kraemer, USA


Katherine Kraemer, USA


Fred Kushnir, Canada


Lesia Waschuk, Canada


Tanya H Mykytiuk, Canada


Tatiana Samoylova, USA


Alexandre Samoylov, USA


Michael Craig Steele, USA


Kelley Willers, USA


Iryna Danylyuk, USA


Liubov Danyliuk, USA


Olga Cayon, USA


Maria Boyko-Diakonow, Canada


Uliana Gic, Canada


Patricia Washchyshyn, Canada


Trevor Parker, Canada


Jenny Ayers, Canada  


Brian Schroeder, Canada


Catherine Prendergast, USA


Lida Gic, Canada


Adriana Willson, Canada


Giovana Lemke, USA


Roman Korol, Canada


Bulbul Hossain, Germany


Claire McConnell, Ireland


Vladislav Burlutskiy, USA


Vassyl A Lonchyna, USA


Pete Shmigel, Australia


Adrianna Melnyk, USA


Pavlo Gintov, USA


Alexander Grushevsky, Ukraine

International Development Consultant "Geo Consulting"


Peter Nelson, Canada


Sheila Esposito, USA


Larysa Zariczniak, Canada


Roman Gic, Canada



Michael Bubna, Canada


Jasmin Mujanović, USA



Don SIrko, Canada

Financial Advisor


Svetlana Maliarska, Canada


Nadia Yanchuk, Canada

Real estate agent


David Lindsey, USA


Ann Semotiuk, Canada


Andrew Kolody, Canada


Kristofer Harrison, USA

Independant Consultant


Vasilina Orlova, USA


Raiko Aasa, Estonia


Vadym Cherkasov, Ukraine


Samantha Boucher, USA

Progressive Campaign Manager


Brett Beletz, USA


Slawka Riley, Canada


Kelly Colvard-Walter, USA


Pavlo Lopata, Canada


Mary Lopata, Canada


Eduard Medvedev, Ukraine


Morris Ilyniak, Canada


Zirka Burko, Canada


Josée Desrosiers, Canada


Irena Fedchun, Canada



Emilia, Pasternak, Canada



Carl D. Colburn, USA


Catherine Astolfo, Canada

Retired School Principal


Maria  Rykaluk, Canada


Vast Newmerzhycky, USA


Pavlo Skorokhodko, Ukraine

Actor, Dubbing director


Olof Josefsson, Sweden


Ivana Mattucci, Canada


Dmytro Doblevych, Canada


Yevgen Kashchenko, USA


Zachary Prezkuta, USA

Optical Science 


Valentyna Telychenko, Ukraine


Anna Danile, Ukraine


Thomas Martinez, USA


Ksenia Maryniak, Canada

CIUS Editor, Certified Translator


Halyna Lee, Hong Kong

Chairman of Landel Holdings (H. K.) Ltd


Marika Owens, Canada


Natalie Wicker, USA


Kristen Luna, USA


Yuliya Yushchenko, Canada


Lev Havryliv, Australia

Medical practitioner


Oleksandr Senyk, Ukraine



Eduard Zaidenbaum, Ukraine



Yuriy V. Kostyuchenko, Ukraine


Mykhailo Golub, Ukraine


Nataliya Golimbiyevska, Canada


Robert O'Donnell, Ireland

Post-grad politics student 


Andrew Alexin, Ukraine


Albina Shuyska, Denmark



Galyna Shuba, USA


Nandapriya Das, Denmark



Ihor Cap, Canada

Dr., Technical Training Coordinator


Sonia Henry, Australia

Medical practitioner 


Marina Matakula, Ukraine

International sales manager 


Kristo Enn Vaga, Estonia


Shaporenko Serhii, Ukraine


Mindaugas Paulavicius, Luxembourg


Kateryna Skyba, Ukraine

Self employed in IT


Sergiy Gusovsky, Ukraine


Maria Sheremeta, USA



Oleksii Rukin, Ukraine


Dmytro Potekhin, Ukraine


Yulia Yefremova-Fuseau, France



Yuliia Hordzei - ULIA LORD, Ukraine

Ukrainian singer and songwriter, the Honored Artist of Ukraine 


Mark Ferrand, United Kingdom


Andrii Furmaniuk, Ukraine

Software developer


Metin Yılmaz, Turkey


Mykhaylo Demkiv, Ukraine

Financial analyst 


Taras Prokopyshyn, Ukraine

Media manager 


Gaspar Šabad, Estonia


Ivan Syniepalov, Ukraine



Yevhenii Kruk, Ukraine

National Philharmony Lviv, Ukraine


Ben Young, USA



Anna Palenyik, Netherlands



Walter Derzko, Canada


Moris Jankiwsky, Canada


Julita Mahun, Canada



Steven Albury, Denmark



Alina Vitukhnovskaya, Russian Federation

Writer, politician


Nazar Stryhun, Ukraine

The Telnyuk Sisters


Volodymyr Valkov, Ukraine


Serafyma Bugakova, Ukraine


Anna Stoikova, Switzerland

Suden Les Roches  


Andriy Pavlyshyn, Ukraine

Ukrainian PEN


Yaroslav Zadorovskyy, Ukraine

Marketing Director


Maksym Sviezhentsev, Ukraine


Marek Menkiszak, Poland


Olha Kuzmych, Ukraine

Technical Engineer at Covizmo


Jan Popiel, Canada


Mariya Jose, Ukraine


Ivan Vovk, Austria


Tetyana Kuzmych, Ukraine

Financial director 


Vakhtang Kebuladze, Ukraine



Sonya Hlutkowsky Soutus, Ukraine



Darcia Parada, USA



Rostyslav Domishevskyi, Ukraine

Song writer, art-event director, musician producer 


Boris Derow, Canada

Singer, arranger, conductor, plumber


Bogdan Motuzenko, Ukraine


Monika Weigand, Germany

Civil Society Activist  -  Frankfurt am Main


Kevin Zaplotinsky, Canada 

Process operator 


Iren Veles, Ukraine


Jodi L. Jacobson, USA


Hugh Scharland, USA


Stephen Komarnyckyj, United Kingdom

Poet and Author


Veronika Lefterieva, Ukraine


Richard Herzinger, Germany

Dr., Freelance publicist, operator of the website “hold these truths”


Mark Semotiuk, USA


Serhii Osnach, Ukraine

Expert on language policy, activist of Civil movement "Vidsich"


Gleb Butuzov, Canada

Broadcast Engineer


Jonathan Gorecki, Canada


Morris Stupak, Canada

Business Owner


Ann Sidorenko, Canada

Hotel worker


Viktoriia  Urkevych, USA



Bohdan Kohut, Canada 



Ken Holden, USA



Marijka Kowaliw, Canada


Lilia Grabovetska, Hong Kong 

Managing Partner, DMS Solutions 


Mark Byczkiw, Canada


Melania Sztyk, USA


Karl Altau, USA


Yurii Zakharchenko, Ukraine

DMS Solutions Ltd., RPA Developer


Daniel, Ankeny, USA


Denise Dewald, USA

MD, Physician


Miralem Prijić, USA


Natalia Ripeckyj, USA

Social Worker


Anthony Palij, USA


Stephan Bandera, Canada


Walter Teres, Canada


Nataliya Golimbiyevska, Canada


Freya Perry, Canada



Raúl Wolfgang Bruning, Germany


Kathy Dwulit, Canada


Daria Kish, Canada


Dan Dzikewicz, Canada



Edo Murić, Austria


Halya Telnyuk, Ukraine

The Telnyuk Sisters


Lana Palij, USA


Roman Molodynia, Canada

Retired executive


Roma Stroczenko, USA


JoAnne B Gludish, Canada


Olesya Nova, United Kingdom


Aime Johnson, USA


Griffin Barriss, USA


Tetiana Bastyl, Canada


Mary Ryan-Miller, USA


Ihor Brazhnyk, Ukraine

Software engineer, Civil society activist


Irma Rastegayeva, USA

Vasyl Stefurak, Ukraine


Helen Talaniec, USA


Tiana Walters, USA


Adrianna Odomirok, USA

House wife


Polina Dekhtiar, Ukraine

Student of Drahomanov National Pedagogical University


Marta Hura, USA


Mariya Ryabokon, Canada


Anna Long, Canada

Traffic engineer


Viktoria Popova, Ukraine

Student of Karazin Kharkiv National University


Veronika Kutetska, Ukraine


Abbie Long, Canada 


Cody Sharun, Canada


Andrii Salii, Ukraine


Mariia Lazareva, Ukraine

Student of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University


Viktoriia Mytskaniuk, Ukraine

Marketing copywriter


Ademir Viteškić, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Yeremiia Popova, Ukraine

Student of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University


Maryna Ryff, Ukraine


Uliana Lisova, Ukraine


Kseniia Hrytsyna, Ukraine


Natalie Gryvnyak, Ukraine

Infeatures Story Production


Lillianna Chudolij, USA


Meelena Turkel, USA


Nikita Nechayev-Slipchenko, Ukraine


Halyna Kistiuk, Canada



Irene Zawislak, Canada

Retired Government Employee


Iryna Numerzhytska, Ukraine



Vasil Gluchman, Slovakia


Nazar E Hossein, Canada


Oleksandra Kolesnyk, Ukraine



Vitalii Liubinskyi, Ukraine

Student of the Ivan Franko Lviv National University


Nikita Kunitsyn, Ukraine


Barbara Bartlett, USA

Ted Greenfield, USA


Anzhela Toderishena, Canada



Marta Milan, USA

Doctor psychiatrist


Carole Hodge, United Kingdom


Rozita Krivulya, USA

Coordinating Manager


Hanna Alkhimovych, Ukraine

Student of Karazin Kharkiv National University 


Iryna Pereguda, Switzerland


Sergey Kamch, New Zealand



Igor Pasternak, Canada

Truck driver


Diana Simora, Ukraine



Katerina Yalunina, Ukraine


Nataliya Kaflyuk, Canada


Volodymyr Sushchenko, Ukraine

Lawyer, PhD


Roman Kushnir, Ukraine


Angela Boudreau, USA



Oksana Shapowalenko, USA


Olena Zhytariuk, Ukraine 

Student of Lviv Ivan Franko National University


Pavlo Tkachenko, Ukraine

Sales manager


Alona Lakhmaniuk, Ukraine


Olha Piven, Ukraine


Lillian Remillard, Canada


Khrystyna Zakota, Ukraine

Student of Lviv Ivan Franko National University


Cecilie Holter, United Kingdom



Eliška, Slavíčková, Czech Republic


David G Goclowski, USA


Ondřej Bednář, Czech Republic

Author and actor


Emilia Stelmach, Canada



Oleh Dmytriv, Canada


Yaroslav Golub, Ukraine

Chemistry student of Karazin Kharkiv National University


Oksana Lodziuk, USA


Hanna Budim, Ukraine

Product Manager


Andrii Chepurnyi, Ukraine


J. Brad Chudyk, Canada



Olga L Rudyk, USA


Inna Holovanchuk, Ukraine


Adam Frank, Canada


Ulana Horalewskyj, USA


Yuriy Bondaruk, Canada

Software Engineer at Uber


Liliana Dutka, Canada

Dr. of Natural medicine 


Marta Hnatiw, Canada


Natalie Worobec, Canada 

Software Professional


Patricia Reynolds, Canada

CNC machine operator


Shawn Panio, Canada



Suzanne Charlebois, Canada


Kathy Dwulit, Canada


David Kohut, USA


Maria  Borodovskaya, USA


Irina Buczkowski, USA


Natalia Martsyniv, Canada


George Serhijczuk, Canada

Library Technician/Researcher


Olga Baldin, Canada


Anne Sochan, Canada

Registered Nurse, Independant Contractor


Veronica Serhijczuk, Canada


Iryna Suprun, USA


Pavel Kishinev, USA

Drinking Water Technician, Retired


Daria Chernova, Ukraine


Mary Kahler, USA


Rosa Wright, Canada


Jonathan Schiff, USA

Financial Advisor


Michael O. Craig Jr., USA

Engineer and filmmaker


Rafał Maślanka, Poland

Engineer in Profielnorm East


Olof Josefsson, Sweden


Charles Roe, USA


Maria Rypan, Canada



Suzanne Kay, Australia



Rosanne Milliken, Canada

Producer, Gynormous Pictures


Yurii Potapenko, Ukraine



Rostyslav Sipakov, Ukraine



Kirsten Ferguson, United Kingdom

Childrens Reporter 


Liudmyla Motuzna, Australia


Hannah Ostapiv, Australia


Elena Vasileva, Australia


Roman Patsaliuk, Ukraine

Composer, musician, melodist


Nataliya Thompson, Australia


Anna Carroll, Australia



Fokina Julia, Ukraine



Lyubov Krapywnyj, Australia


Viktoriia Skipor, Ukraine


Anastasiia Sergiienko, Ukraine


Boiko Anastasiia, Ukraine


Boris Fuge, Luxembourg

PR Manager


Podolinna Daria, Ukraine

Student of Kharkiv National University, member of Public Diplomacy Platform


Nataliya Koboleva, USA


Alla Tyshkivska, Ukraine


Irene Volinets, Ukraine


Leonie O'Dowd, Ireland

Psychotherapist, Activist


Zenia Zenchuk, Canada

Community Health Care Provider


Hanna Khomechko, Ukraine


Sheila Ferguson, United Kingdom



Ihor Lehotskyi, Ukraine


Mykola Skolozdra, Ukraine 



Svitlana Kelada, Australia



Olga Łuć, Poland


Jana Wolff, Germany


Valery Morozov, Russian Federation


Bozena Mirkowska, Poland/Great Britain


Nadia Prokopiw, Canada 

Real estate 


Lucia Hiscock, Australia


Emma Trainor, USA


Nez Novikova, Australia



Catherine Lewis, United Kingdom

Office Manager


Nina Novikova, Australia



Justyna Jozwiak, Poland


Maritchka Ryniejska, United Kingdom



Malgorzata Proc, Poland

IT Analyst


Zhanna Mateychuk, Portugal

Export manager


Ashley Black, United Kingdom


Sheryl Rutherford, Canada


Māra Poļakova, Latvia



G Di Gennaro, Australia


Heidi Laura, Denmark



Davy Prieur, France/Sweden

MSc civil Engineer 


Natasha Byrne, Australia 


Tatjana Bähler, Switzerland


Luitje Groenwold, Germany


J. C. Vazquez, Spain


Laura Mckibbin, United Kingdom


Andrew Primrose, United Kingdom 

Area sales manager


Carlos Abadi, USA

Partner, Samawal Foundations


Tomislav Jurčević, Croatia


Bartosz Rakowski, Poland


Lorraine Mischuk, Canada

Occupational Therapist


Valeriia Liubymtseva, Ukraine

Student of Kyiv National University


Christian Pieper, Germany



Nicholas Wheeler, Australia


Marianne Fraser, Finland


Enna Klibson, USA



Irena Kindratyshyn, Ukraine



Tetyana Lawriwsky, Australia



Olga Kerziouk, United Kingdom

Retired curator, The British Library


Vytenis Mickevičius, Lithuania


Marty Zafra, Italy 


Henry Decock, Canada


Olga Decock, Canada


Francesco Nuccio, Italy

Office worker


Stijn Bouma, Netherlands



Olha Pastukh, Ukraine


Sabrina Djidel, Canada



Diana Williams, United Kingdom



Sergei Kowaliuk, Canada


Natalie Traeger, Australia

Dr., IMG


Piotr Mierski, Poland

Web developer


Stephan Sidorenko, Canada

Facility manager


Andrea De Vecchi, Uruguay



Karen Nickel, Canada


Marc Soltau, Germany


D'Arcy Jenish, Canada


James Bannerman, USA


John Bradley Weaver, Canada

ComputerAId International


Piotr Roterski, Poland


Sergiy Subota, USA

Software Engineer


Michele Minichini, Italy


Oksana Kunanec-Swarnyk, Canada


Maryna Sukhovii, Ukraine



William Drysdale, Canada



Marlene Beck, Canada


Sofiia Dziavoruk, Ukraine

Student of Ivan Franko Lviv National University


Thomas Spieth, USA/Canada


Natalia Slobodian, Ukraine



Melissa Collins, Canada


Aldis Austers, Latvia

Researcher and lecturer


Lesia Panko, Canada


Bohdan Palamarchuk, Ukraine




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