Energy Component of New Generation Warfare. Case of Russian Hybrid Aggression Against Ukraine

Critical energy infrastructure, risks and threats of its exploitation under the non-linear war, the problematics of its protection is also in the epicenter of attention.

«Antares»* – project of the Center for Global Studies «StrategyXXI», aimed at studying of the non-military components of the New generation warfare. Basically, it aimed at the energy sphere - research of using of energy resources and energy infrastructure as a weapon and component of waging hybrid war.

A forerunner of research became another project of the Center – «Energy Resources and their delivery infrastructure: the potential for inappropriate operations in Europe» in 2010, supported by the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine.

Antares project was launched in October 2014 by the report “Hybrid warfare in Eastern Europe. Non-military dimension. Energy component”. Project materials provided input to international conferences and seminars in Bratislava, Prague, Paris and Warsaw. In 2015, on the base of the project materials in cooperation with the NATOEnergySecurityCentreofExcellencethe lectures for the special course in the Baltic Defence College were elaborated. 

Current stage of Antares project under the name «Energy component of New Generation Warfare: genesis, features, consequences» is realized under the auspices of International Renaissance Foundation.



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