EU: Refuse of Russian Gas. Status and prospects

Will Europe be able to get rids of Russian gas? (PDF)

The EU has adopted a plan to abandon Russian gas. It is expected to replace 100 billion cubic meters by the end of 2022, or 2/3 of natural gas from Russia.

The  plan to abandon the import of Russian gas is general in nature, does not contain measures and actions that will have a rapid effect - the transition to coal and oil products in electricity generation, refusal to close nuclear power plants this year and next.

Therefore, there is a need to put pressure on the European Commission, in particular from countries that have announced a refusal to import Russian energy resources (USA, Canada, Britain, Poland, the Baltic countries), in order to persuade the EU and Germany and France as major EU economies in the necessity of a moratorium on the purchase of gas, oil and coal in Russia.

In research "EU: Refuse of Russian Gas. Status and prospects" experts of the Center for Global Studies "Strategy XXI" analyzed how each EU member state is dependent on natural gas, including Russia, and what are the prospects for replacing it with gas from alternative sources, as well as options to increase the share of other types of generation in the energy balance of countries.

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