Countering Western aid to Ukraine as an element of hybrid warfare

The publication is devoted to the analysis of Russian activity aimed at isolating Ukraine from the West and Western aid to the country in the conditions of the hybrid type of aggression unleashed by the Russian Federation. It is a continuation of the previous work of the Center for Global Studies "Strategy XXI" "Russian octopus in action. Case "Ukraine".

Western assistance to Ukraine is aimed at solving important problems for the country, strengthening democracy, raising living standards, implementing humanitarian values ​​and the principles of justice. Its provision completely coincides with the interests of Ukrainian society.

Western aid does not allow Russia to fully apply the methods of conducting a hybrid war against Ukraine (political pressure, economic sanctions, blockade, overt or covert occupation) and to eliminate its statehood.

Therefore, the isolation of Ukraine from the West due to the termination of such assistance is currently a key operation of the Russian Federation in the implementation of the aggression plan.

The shortest way to accomplish this task is to repeal laws related to Ukraine’s commitments when signing agreements and other legal instruments on assistance with Western countries.

Today, the goal of identifying information attacks and components of the enemy forces that carry out these attacks on a scale close to real time seems achievable. At the same time, their neutralization is possible, provided that the actions of the relevant state structures are coordinated.

During the project implementation a method of processing information materials of social networks was developed. Analysts used the Internet Spectrum Information Resource Monitoring System developed by the Infozahist Research and Production Center and the Sirius Media Information Monitoring System, each of which has its own uniqueness and advantages. In addition, software and methodological solutions were developed to combine the use of the strengths of each of the systems. The publication is intended for a wide range of experts, journalists interested in the topic of Russian aggression against Ukraine and Russia's subversive activities against the West.

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