Window to Asia. Issue 1: Russian aggression against Ukraine through the eyes of the Asian media

The Centre for Global Studies "Strategy XXI" begins publishing a series of analytical reviews "Window to Asia" prepared by the Center's Asian Bureau. The issue 1 named "Russian aggression against Ukraine through the eyes of the Asian media," is available for download now.

We usually look at the world through Ukrainian, European, and American media, relating ourselves to the Western world, the world of democracy, freedom of speech and thought. But the non-Western world is much larger, and it is far from democratic.

Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are rather islands of Western-style democracy in a sea of ​​Asian authoritarianism. We instinctively attribute India to the democratic world, but it does not always behave accordingly in the international arena, preferring to cooperate with authoritarian, anti-Western regimes. China is the largest Asian economic and political power. Chinese media have an influence not only on the mainland, but also globally, if we take into account the several tens of millions of Huaqiao - the Chinese diaspora in the world.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the information space of China and Asia in a broader context: what narratives are spread in this space, and how they influence the formation of the picture of the world in the minds of its citizens.

The Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI begins the publication of the series of analytical reviews "Window to Asia" with the Issue 1, prepared by the Centre's Asian Bureau. The first issue named "Russian aggression against Ukraine through the eyes of the Asian media" is for your attention.

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