Black Sea Security 1 (29) 2017

We would like to present you e-version of the first renewed edition of analytical quarterly "Black Sea Security" (free to download).

Dear Readers,

We would like to present you e-version of the first renewed edition of analytical quarterly "Black Sea Security" (free to download), founded in 2005 by Sevastopol based NGO Center of Assistance to the Geopolitical Problems and Euroatlantic Cooperation of the Black Sea Region Studies Nomos. Now, Centre for Global Studies "Strategy XXI" restarts its publication previously interrupted due to the occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol by Russia. We assumed that it was a temporary interruption, as well as temporary was the occupant's rule over a part of Ukrainian land. Given restart of publication, we want to contribute to the day, when Ukrainian territories will become free from the Mordor's power - evil empire, represented today by Putin's cleptocratia.

Actually, the edition, you have here, is the 29th from the very beginning, but the first, which was prepared and published on the "mainland". The analytical magazine will be published in both Ukrainian and English languages. Today you can receive printed and electronic version in Ukrainian language. Participants of an international round table on EU Global Strategy issues, held in Kyiv on April 24, 2017, received first exemplars of printed 1 (29) "Black Sea Security" edition.

The issues of security in a wider Black Sea Region were always among spheres of attention to research efforts of experts from Centre "Strategy XXI" and Center "Nomos". We are very grateful to well-known experts from different countries of the region, who responded to our requests and prepared analytical materials for restarted quarterly magazine. Among those are both - long-term partners and authors of the "Black Sea Security" from Georgia and Armenia as well as new from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.

We kindly invite analists, experts, scientists to participate at the discussion on magazine's papers, presentation of their views, evaluation of the situation in Black Sea and Caspian region, Crimea, Middle East and future forecasts. We will publish 1 (29) edition of the "Black Sea Security" on our web-site also in English e-version soon. And together let's start to prepare 30th edition! 

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