Russia's gas war: how Ukraine and the EU can survive the winter

About gas tests, European values and solidarity

By Mykhailo Gonchar, Igor Stukalenko. Originally published in Mirror Weekly 

Outside of Russia — in Europe, the United States and various tax havens — there are $2.5 trillion in assets. The USA, which the Russian kleptocracy has placed in the West. Calculations of the total revenues of the Russian Federation from the export of energy resources (oil, petroleum products, gas, coal, electricity) for the last ten years give a figure of 2 trillion 588.8 billion dollars. Russia's GDP last year was 1.78 trillion dollars. These figures give an idea not only of the Kremlin's kleptocratic scope, but also of what resources can be mobilized to break through the Western sanctions blockade, and also in combination with simultaneous gas pressure on Europe.

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