How Russia plans to use Nord Stream 2 for intelligence purposes

According to Russian media, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is certified, filled with process gas and ready for commercial operation. Small stop - with the permission of the regulator, which is inhibited by the German side.

We will soon find out whether this is a staging delay or whether Berlin is really trying to follow, at least formally, the permitting procedure. But, regardless of this, there are still white spots in the issue of Russian gas flows through the Black Sea and the Baltic. In particular, regarding the possibilities of using their corridors and related infrastructure not for the purpose of conducting gas business. And it's not just about Russia's threat of further militarization of the Baltics under the pretext of protecting the newly built critical energy infrastructure from "aggressive action by the United States and NATO," but also about Russia creating covert advantages to strip the Alliance of dominance in the Baltic.

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