Explosions on the "streams": Who is the author of sabotage on Russian gas pipelines?

The first names became known. Russian…

By Mykhailo Gonchar. 

The article was published originally on the Mirror Weekly web site

At the end of last year, publications appeared in the Western media regarding the results of the investigation into the sabotage of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, which occurred on September 26. They appeared almost simultaneously with the taunts of the Kremlin Fuehrer on December 22 about the ineffectiveness of Western investigators in establishing the authorship of the sabotage. The essence of the publications with references to anonymous sources in the government circles of certain Western countries was reduced to the fact that, they say, Russia was accused in vain. At the same time, they referred to "some Western leaders", "numerous officials", "one official representative", "23 diplomats and intelligence officers from nine countries", etc. Summary: a several-month investigation did not confirm Russian authorship of the sabotage. As did not indicate any other.

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