Powerful "Mosquitoes"

What role will American Island patrol boats play in the Ukrainian Navy?

Author: Pavlo Lakiychuk, Head of Military Programs of the Center for Global Studies "Strategy XXI". The article was written for Ukrainian Week

What are the "Islands" and why are there so many disputes around them? Island is a type of patrol boat built in the United States for the United States Coast Guard, not the Navy. These are high-speed (up to 30 knots), small (about 150 tons) and lightly armed vessels of the near sea zone, designed for patrol operations, naval reconnaissance, search and rescue operations - typical tasks of US Coast Guard ships, a separate type of United States military in peacetime performs the functions of maritime border guards, and with the beginning of hostilities and in the threatening period performs auxiliary functions of the Navy, protection and defense of marine infrastructure and the coast within the maritime defense areas...

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