Russia's exit strategy from the war, or how to protect Ukraine and the world from the next aggression

On February 18, at a closed dinner during the Munich Security Conference-2023, the position paper "Never Again 2.0. Manifesto of sustainable peace" was presented to the public.

The liberation of the entire territory of Ukraine and the cessation of hostilities does not mean the end of the war. It is necessary to create such conditions so that new Russian aggression is not possible in the future. Deep internal changes must take place in the Russian Federation, which will become a guarantee of security for Ukraine and the world. Currently, the international anti-war coalition does not have a vision of Russia's withdrawal from the war and sustainable peace. Therefore, representatives of the Ukrainian public environment took the initiative in developing a vision of the postwar world. They prepared a position paper “Never Again 2.0. Manifesto for sustainable peace", which was presented on February 18 at a closed dinner during the Munich Security Conference-2023.

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