TurkStream: It's time for compensation

Attempts to reduce the negotiations on Nord Stream 2 only to the issue of compensation are outright manipulation. First, we must consider the TurkStream's harm for the loss of "southern" transit.

For Ukraine, the reorientation of gas transit in the direction of Central Europe to the TurkStream, according to previously published estimates of the Ukrainian GTS Operator (OGTSU), means the loss of 10-12 billion cubic meters of gas transit per year. In money terms, this will cost Ukraine approximately $ 450 million. However, the countries of South-Eastern Europe, which believe that they seem to benefit from a change in the supply route, are actually losing as well. Changing the route without changing the supplier means increasing dependence on Russian gas.

The TurkStream harms not only Ukraine but also the Balkan countries. Nord Stream 2 must be stopped. All Germany's efforts to shift the focus of attention on the issue of preventing the launch of the pipeline to the issue of compensation - manipulation. Ukraine has already lost its role as a transit state in the southern direction. The Trans-Balkan pipeline is being blocked by Russia - with the tacit consent of our European partners, and that is why now, if it is fair to negotiate compensation, it is already due to the fact of loss of transit in the southern direction. At the same time, the Ukrainian position on Nord Stream 2 must be inviolable: the pipeline must be blocked...

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