How to hide from sanctions? Russian life hacks

Not all political and business circles in Europe refused to do business with a terrorist country

By: Denys Vinskyi, Baltiysk Bureau of the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI, Gdansk, Poland

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The main source of funding for Russia's imperial ambitions is its oil and gas business, which is monopolized by Putin's entourage. The money received from the sale of oil and gas on the global markets has been spent for decades on imperial wars of aggression against neighboring countries, the use of prohibited chemical weapons on the territory of the EU, and the formation of an agency of influence among the Western political, business, and artistic elite.

Even after the open genocide of the civilian population of Ukraine and a powerful direct blow to the EU energy market, not all political and business circles in Europe and the world have given up doing business with the terrorist country. Pecunia non olet (money does not smell). It is on these circles of Putinfersteiers that the Russian Federation relies on the preservation of the functioning of the oil and gas engine of aggression and the financing of its terrorist needs.

The sanctions imposed by the USA and the EU hit the oil and gas business in the territory of the Russian Federation and in Europe, but the oil and gas business of the Russian Federation outside its borders in countries that did not join the Western sanctions remained neglected. It is run by subsidiaries of the same giant companies that have fallen under Western sanctions. And their financial flows are also controlled by Putin's entourage. This is a backup source of funding for the Russian terrorist regime.

Of course, legally these are European companies. The conducted analysis showed that, for the most part, similar companies are registered in the Netherlands or Cyprus. For example, Lukoil Overseas Iraq Exploration B.V. - subsidiary company of Lukoil for work in Iraqi projects. Registered in the Netherlands: Strawinskyln 963-Tower D, 9th, Amsterdam. It, like its similar "Euro girls" of other Russian companies, is not on the sanctions list and can work without obstacles. But in fact, the money goes to finance war, including hybrid aggression against Europe from within Europe.

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