Ukrainian Armed Forces is a phoenix that is reborn and tempered by the fire of war

If Ukraine received modern weapons, the Rashists would already be digging trenches under the Moscow Ring Road, not near Belgorod

by Mykhailo Gonchar 

This piece was originally published at Glavcom site 

Of course, the Nation is at war, the army is its armed vanguard. Army - in the broadest sense of the word, what is officially called the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

But today it is about the Armed Forces, as the backbone of the country's defense forces, the Shield and the Sword of the Nation. Those who were the most delayed, who were reduced, cut, sold abroad - aviation, air defense, navy - are now at the forefront of the country's defense, demonstrating miracles in the sky, on land and at sea.

Now, every day is the day of the Armed Forces, because since 2014 they have been standing as a shield against Russian aggression. Having risen from the mire of public indifference and authoritarian neglect, they stopped the "Russian Spring". Despite the story of some politicians that in 2014 "we did not have an army" to justify inaction in opposing the occupation of Crimea and, they say, only volunteers defended the country, it was several combat-ready formations of the Armed Forces together with volunteer battalions that not only stopped the advance of Russian proxies on Donbas, but also destroyed the illegal formations in July-August 2014. In 2015, the famous American military expert Philip Karber called the raid of the 95th Brigade under the command of Colonel Mykhailo Zabrodsky "the largest and longest raid with armored vehicles behind enemy lines in recorded military history." And then there was the defense of the DAP - the legendary cyborgs...

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