Mykhailo Gonchar: Even if Nord Stream 2 is completed, it will not work

The new White House administration seeks to halt the construction of the scandalous Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline without confrontation with Germany. US President Joe Biden is proposing to refrain from imposing sanctions on German companies involved in construction. This was reported by the American Bloomberg, citing its sources. In Ukraine, this news was happily picked up by pro-Russian publications and telegram channels, presenting such a position as the defeat of Ukraine and the Office of President Zelensky. They say that the Americans realized that they were unlikely to prevent construction, so they chose the option of improving relations with Germany, which had deteriorated during the reign of Donald Trump.

Can Joe Biden really go for a "peace deal" in the war against Nord Stream 2, how can Russia deceive Europe, and should Ukraine worry? This was stated in an interview with Glavkom with Mykhailo Gonchar, an energy expert and president of the Center for Global Studies Strategy XXI. Full text see in Ukrainian. 



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