Pavlo Lakiychuk on the sinking of the cruiser "Moscow" by the Ukrainian RCC "Neptune"

By disarming the cruiser with a symbolic name and status, the Armed Forces gave a powerful slap in the face to the Russian Black Sea Fleet in particular, as well as prestige at the state level in general

The comment was recorded by Myroslav Lyskovych in a material for Ukrainform

On the evening of April 13, we learned about the very good news: the missile cruiser of Project 1164 "Moscow", the pride of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which was directly involved in bombing our border guards on Snake Island, finally reached its destination with the help of the Ukrainian RCC "Neptune", which stands guard over the Black Sea.

This information was confirmed by the press service of the Operational Command "South".

The enemy cruiser, which was hit by Neptune cruise missiles, was severely damaged. There was a fire. Other units of the ship's group tried to help, but a storm and a powerful explosion of ammunition overturned the cruiser, and it began to sink, "- said in a statement.

Cruiser "Moscow": what is known about it?

The ship was launched in 1979. At the time of the collapse of the USSR, the cruiser was at the Ukrainian shipyard in Mykolaiv, but Russia has expressed interest in not leaving it to Ukraine, but to get it back. As a result, the Russian Federation dismantled and handed over some of the cruiser's weapons to Ukraine, and in 1999 brought it to its port in Sevastopol. "Moscow" became the main ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and took part in a number of military conflicts.

For example, in August 2008, the cruiser reached the shores of Georgia during a Russian attack on the country and was involved in operations to destroy the Georgian fleet.

In February-March 2014, Moscow was involved in a Russian operation to seize Crimea. In particular, the cruiser blocked the exit of Ukrainian fleet ships from Donuzlav Bay near Sevastopol.

In 2015 - in the Russian military operation in Syria.

Well, as already mentioned… February 24, the first day of the full-scale racist invasion, the cruiser "Moscow" took part in the attack on the border post of Ukraine on the island of Snake. It was then that one of the Ukrainian border guards, Roman Hrybov, declared on demand to surrender: "Russian warship, go fuck yourself" This phrase has become world famous, giving rise to a lot of jokes and memes. In particular, this moment is engraved on the Ukrposhta brand. It is symbolic that this brand was presented the day before the cruiser was hit by a Ukrainian missile.

"In the USSR and the post-Soviet Russia, it is customary to loudly call the ships of this project" killers of aircraft carriers. " However, during their history, none of the aircraft carriers was struck by any of them. And in general - it is unknown about any warship destroyed by the "Atlanteans" (this is their new name according to Russian canons). There are only three such "killers" in the Russian Navy. Two of them, Ustinov and Varyag (by the way, the former Red Ukraine) from the Northern and Pacific Fleets, are now hanging out in the Mediterranean. Unexpectedly for the racists, the Turks did not let them through the Black Sea Straits. And the oldest - "Moscow" - until recently pirated in the Black Sea, while performing the "parquet" function of the flagship of the racist Black Sea Fleet, - says Captain I rank in reserve, head of military programs of the Center for Global Studies "Strategy XXI" Pavel Lakiychuk.

The main weapon of "Moscow" SCRC "Basalt" ("Volcano") is not suitable for shooting at coastal targets.

"So, all Moscow had to do was terrify the unarmed border guards on Zmiiny with its 130-mm artillery and control a group of smaller attack ships - frigates and boats. But… Frigates and boats armed with "Caliber", which, from the wings of "Moscow", with impunity carried out rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities: the air defense complex "Moscow" S-300F "Fort" provided air defense of the entire pirate group. Finally, the ship's staff is about 480 sailors. And another 30-50 officers of the "marching staff". Together somewhere 510-530 orcs. It is hoped that most of them went to feed the Black Sea bulls. Such is he, the wrath of Neptune! " - Mr. Lakiychuk is ironic.



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