Ukraine Operational Information from the Regions 28.03.2022

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Operational information from the regions of the Active Community network 28.03.2022

Ukraine in brief:

The 33rd day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion.

The russian enemy is focusing on maintaining the occupied borders and preparing to resume offensive operations.

In Volyn, the Armed Forces of Belarus employ up to four battalion tactical groups (BTGs) to strengthen and protect the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. It is impossible to completely exclude the involvement of the Armed Forces of Belarus in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

In the Polissya direction, the russian occupation forces did not conduct active offensive operations. They continue to inflict gunshot wounds on Ukrainian troops in the areas of Lychanka, Petrushka, Shpytka, and Moshchun.

In the direction of Brovary, the enemy continues to fire on the positions of Ukrainian troops near the village of Lukyanivka.

The russian occupational forces regrouped troops and withdrew some units to the territory of Belarus to restore combat capability.

The russians continue to blockade Chernihiv, causing gunshot damage to civilian infrastructure. Defends previously captured borders and holds engineering positions. According to available information, the russian occupational forces retreated from the village of Snovsk, destroying the bridge over the river Snov.

In addition, the russian occupiers destroyed bridges in the settlements of Konotop, Stara Rudnya, Smyach, Maly Dyrchyn, and Velykyi Dyrchyn.

In the area of Sumy, the russian enemy did not conduct active hostilities. It continued to regroup troops and withdraw them to the territory of russia to restore combat capability after losses.

In the direction of Kharkiv, the russian enemy has not conducted offensive operations, continues to block the city and fire on civilian infrastructure, and conducts activities to provide logistical support to troops.

In the area of Izyum, there is a russian enemy, regrouping, replenishment of ammunition to resume the offensive on Sloviansk further.

In Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts, the russian occupiers are concentrating their primary efforts on taking control of the villages of Popasna and Rubizhne, visiting the Vuhledar and Solodke Districts, and capturing Mariupol. The russian occupiers fired artillery and mortar shells at the settlements of Toretske, Svitlodarsk, Troitske, and Pisky.

In Rubizhne, with the support of artillery, the russian enemy tried to gain resistance in the northwestern part of the city but suffered unsuccessful losses.

In ​the settlement of New York in Donetsk Oblast, the russian enemy twice tried to storm. They failed, retreated, and continued the artillery shelling of the positions of the Ukrainian defenders.

In Mariupol, the russian enemy continued to advance toward the city center and fire on Ukrainian troops.

The national guard of the russia units in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson Oblast continue to carry out filtering measures to identify Ukrainian service members, participants in the anti-terrorist operation, civic activists, and the seizure of weapons and ammunition.

The naval staff of the Black Sea Fleet of russia performs tasks in certain areas of the operational zones of the Black Sea and Azov Sea. Some ships went to a closed space, probably to launch missile strikes on targets in Ukraine.

Northern Oblasts


The night in Kyiv passed quietly. The city’s infrastructure is working: communal services, transporters, doctors, and rescuers.

Kyiv Oblast

Over the past 24hrs, russian occupation troops shelled more than 40 times housing and social infrastructure.

Hot spots remain Bucha, Gostomel, Vorzel, Irpin. After fierce fighting, security forces drove the occupiers out of Irpin. Currently, the Ukrainian military is consolidating on new frontiers and conducting sweeps. Therefore, the mayor notes that it is dangerous to return to Irpin at the moment.

The occupiers tried to organize military raids in the direction of Boryspil, but the Ukrainian military repulsed the attacks.

The russians left Slavutych after a “check” for weapons from residents. Chornobyl is still occupied by russia, so Ukraine is demanding that the UN send a mission to the Chornobyl zone.

Zhytomyr Oblast

At night the occupiers hit rockets on the outskirts of Zhytomyr.

Chernihiv Oblast

The enemy continues to fire at Chernihiv and the suburbs of Nizhyn. Chernihiv doctors received Starlink. Now doctors in Chernihiv are provided with satellite Internet and will always be in touch.

Sumy Oblast

Russian occupation troops have stopped their attacks in Sumy Oblast, trying to regroup and divert units to other areas.

In Trostyanets, the occupiers lost another part of their military equipment, which will now serve the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Southern Oblasts

Kharkiv Oblast

Over the past 24 hours, russian occupation forces have fired about 59 artillery and mortar shells. These are the districts of Saltivka, Oleksiyivka, Piatykhatky, and the cities of Chuhuiv and Derhachi.

In addition, 180 enemy shellings with MLRS, including the “Smerch” type, were recorded. These are cluster munitions prohibited by international treaties. The Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kharkiv Oblast counterattacked in some areas. Mala Rohan is under the control of Ukrainian troops and “cleansed” of the occupiers. So is Vilkhivka. There are no occupation forces also in Husarivka, near Balaklia.

Fierce battles with the occupiers continue in Izyum. The occupiers have advanced in this direction, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to hold back the attack. Popular Instagram cat Stepan from Kharkiv Oblast raised ten thousand dollars to help animals in Ukraine.

Donetsk Oblast

Volnovakha and Volnovakha District

The community’s territory is under occupation, and hostilities do not stop. Military actions continue in Vuhledar. Territorial Defense Forces evacuate people. At the same time, some residents return to Volnovakha and Olhynka communities to their houses. But there is still a huge risk and danger to their lives. According to residents, “this is a one-way trip.” Volnovakha remains uninhabitable.

Electricity was conducted in Novotroitske. Shops are open, but prices have risen sharply. People are trying to live in a new reality. Young people, entrepreneurs, activists, and those who were the driving forces of the community do not want to return or cooperate because there is no life in occupation.

Khlibodariv community receives sad news about young boys who were shot, searches of girls’ homes from Community Initiative Groups, and the detention of boys from the Youth Center. They were severely injured and released.


The hostilities zone is approaching, so the situation remains alarming. There was an attempt of a missile strike at night, but the Air Defense Forces worked well. Air-raid sirens went off during the day. The Armed Forces of Ukraine protect the city from air attacks. Territorial Defense Forces prepare to meet the enemy, continue to patrol the city. Communal establishments function, the evacuation continues. Volunteers help evacuate people, distribute humanitarian aid, weave camouflage nets, etc.

Pokrovsk and Pokrovsk District

The enemy is attacking but has not moved forward from their positions. The situation is steadily tense along the entire line of collision. The Ukrainian military repels the attacks of the occupiers. Together with the police, Territorial Defense Forces stand guard in the city.

Communal establishments in the Pokrovsk community function in normal mode. The Department of Social Protection of the Population of Pokrovsk City Council provides internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have small children with baby food and diapers.

Myrnohrad received another batch of necessities from the Chernivtsi community, including food and hygiene products. It will be provided to IDPs and citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation.


The situation in the city is tense. City infrastructure and communal establishments function in normal mode. Private trade facilities operate in a limited way. The market also functions. Bakhmut-Khlib LLC works stably to meet the needs of the community. Police officers intensively patrol the community streets, and the State Emergency Service also works in an intensified mode.


Executive Officer of Azov Regiment, Capt. Bohdan Krotevych explains why Mariupol is of strategic importance for the invaders: the Mariupol Maritime Port may serve as the key supply hub for the whole southern military force in Ukraine.

There are more than 160 thousand residents blocked in the sieged Mariupol. Despite this, the russians continue carpet bombing the city and killing peaceful residents. They also prevent its residents from evacuating from Mariupol. The locals have to leave on foot or by private transport. 

The enemy has fortified itself in the city. It controls several districts. Russian propagandists immediately descend on the area to deliver food to hungry people and use it as a TV story opportunity about the city being ‘liberated.’

Luhansk Oblast

In the morning, the russians hit a residential building in Severodonetsk. An 86 y.o. woman died of the shelling and resulting fire. The aggressors also shelled Rubizhne with one casualty.

Southern Oblasts

Zaporizhzhya Oblast

Fighting continues in the direction of Zaporizhzhya. Ukrainian defenders successfully repel enemy attacks causing losses to the invaders. Four APCs, an armored reconnaissance vehicle, two IFVs, two other cars, and two 122 mm mortars have been destroyed in the past 24 hours.

The invaders continue terrorizing the locals and increasingly shell residential areas. The shelling nearby Stepnohirsk and Guliaypole go on. The enemy tries introducing russian rubles instead of Hryvnias on temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhya Oblast.

The volunteers were able to collect and deliver humanitarian aid to Tokmak, Polohy, and Orikhiv in most need of foodstuffs and medicines.


Air raid alerts continue wailing in the city, but otherwise, it is rather calm in the city. The local government reminds citizens of the access control regime at checkpoints. The police and Territorial Defense Forces, the AFU, and the National Guard check IDs and vehicles. The residents are asked to bear with it and comply with all the checkpoint clearance rules.

Zaporizhzhya continues receiving humanitarian aid from across Europe: Estonia, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus. The local government collects need lists daily and sends humanitarian cargoes to various communities in the Oblast.

The city continues receiving IPDs. In 13 days, Zaporizhzhya hosted 48 345 evacuees, among them 12 986 children.


Enerhodar residents took to the streets with a peaceful protest. They demanded the russian military leave the city and release the captured first Deputy City Mayor Ivan Samoyliuk. The hymn of Ukraine was performed at the square nearby Suchasnyk Palace of Culture. 

The russian invaders are actively agitating: they try to convince people to denounce their pro-Ukrainian stance promising write-off of utility and bank debts. 


Guliaypole was subjected to another yet shelling by the russian military. According to the preliminary data, one person was wounded. War actions have already led to damage to several dozens of residential buildings, civil infrastructure, and transport. Some food stores were destroyed. A blast the day before wounded two children and three adult residents. 


The russian invaders are again blocking an evacuation bus convoy from reaching the city. The locals are forced to go on foot several kilometers from Berdyansk to board the buses. The town is still without mobile communication from Ukrainian operators.

Kherson Oblast

Russians took village council premises in Nyzhni Sirogozy, Kherson Oblast. They also shelled Stepanivka, wounding six and damaging 20 buildings and a gas pipeline.

The russian military continues detaining politicians, journalists, and activists in the Oblast. Oleksiy Konovalov, a Genichesk City Council member from Sluha Narodu Party has been detained today.

Some 52 residential areas in the Oblast remain without power and water; around 6 thousand residents are left without natural gas.


Enemy vehicles are moving around the city. The Territorial Defense Forces patrol the city; besides, they are involved in sanitary cleaning of the town.

The mayor has not been in touch for three days. There is no official version of what happened. There are no fights in the city, and no case of looting has been reported. The utility companies are functioning. The municipal and district transport does not work. Gas stations do not work, either; there are no fuels and lubricants.

People are annoyed and worried about the lack of a humanitarian corridor. There are no medicines, household chemicals, and many food products. Volunteers try to bring everything the citizens need, but that’s not enough.

Odesa Oblast

The oblast is preparing for defense. The night passed quietly. The Ukrainian forces are currently conducting exercises in the Black Sea. The enemy shelled the territory. Air raid alerts sounded several times during the day. The air defense units shot down a russian missile. The Territorial Defense Forces patrol the Oblast area and reinforce roadblocks and the coastline. The local authorities are talking about the readiness for defense. People are active, do many volunteer work, and assist to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces.

Central Oblasts

Kirovohrad Oblast


The situation is under control. There was a threat of a missile strike today.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine guard the borders of the Oblast and military facilities. The Territorial Defense Forces keep watch at checkpoints and patrol the city with the police.

Since the beginning of the war, almost 61 000 IDPs have passed through the Kirovohrad Oblast. During the day, Kirovohrad Oblast received more than 400 IDPs, half of them children. This morning, almost 4500 IDPs applied for different certificates and references. According to Deputy Mayor Alexander Verhun, public transport will increase the number of runs. During the last week, the Mobile Volunteer Group representatives from Kropyvnytskyi distributed over UAH 347 000 worth of medicines to the defenders and victims of the war. The sowing of spring crops continues; enterprises, public transport, shops, humanitarian centers of volunteers are functioning.

The Kirovohrad Oblast said goodbye to the fallen soldiers. Bohdan Piskun, a 22-year-old defender from the Sokolivka community in the Kropyvnytskyi district, died in the war. On the Alley of Honorary Military Burials of the Rivnyanske Cemetery, they paid the last respects to Lieutenant Andriy Chabanov, who was killed due to artillery shelling while defending the city of Mykolayiv from the russian invaders. The Novoukrainka community lined up to form a corridor and knelt before the body of their fellow countryman Serhiy Kondratyev, who died in the war with russia. The Novhorodka community said goodbye to warrior Volodymyr Petlenko, who was killed in action in the Kharkiv Oblast.

Poltava Oblast

There were three air raid alerts during the night. In general, the situation is quiet.

The Security Service of Ukraine exposed a bot farm in the Poltava Oblast. The bots had the task of spreading panic among Ukrainians.

The Poltava Oblast receives IDPs every day and provides them with everything they need. Also, a group of adaptive physical education and yoga for children with Down syndrome was opened in Poltava.

The local citizens support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces with everything they can. Many vehicles with humanitarian aid were sent from the Poltava City Council to Kharkiv, Sumy, Lebedyn, Okhtyrka, and Trostyanets.

The bookstore “Zmist” resumes its work. All proceeds from the sale of books, T-shirts, and craft goods the bookstore will donate to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces of the Poltava Oblast.

A Paralympian from the Poltava Oblast put up for auction his Olympic medal to help Ukrainian fighters. Its sale price rose to 500 thousand hryvnias.

German philanthropists donated a fully equipped reanimobile ambulance for the Poltava Territorial Defense Forces.

In Poltava, Kharkiv resident Dmytro Tyutyun and Poltava citizens Ilya Sheremet and Ilya Zavaliy are organizing a concert; all proceeds will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A safe basement will serve as the venue of this concert, so in case of an “air raid alert,” the audience will be safe.

Vinnytsia Oblast


The situation is steadily quiet, with some IDPs returning home. There were no hostilities on the territory of the community. Although many roadblocks have been removed, the Territorial Defense Forces patrol the city. Those which remained pass traffic faster now. The reaction of citizens is adequate to the situation; the majority of them are working. The community has lost three soldiers who defended Ukraine from the russian invaders.

Western Oblasts

Lviv Oblast

Agrarians of the Lviv Oblast started the sowing campaign. Due to the russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, this campaign is crucial.

During the day, 585 compatriots were sheltered in the Oblast. More than 22 thousand people crossed the border at all crossings of the Oblast.

According to the State Border Guard Service, more than 22 000 Ukrainians have returned home, most of the men are ready to defend their homeland with the arms in their hands.

The Lviv Oblast remains the location where most humanitarian aid is supplied all over Ukraine. Over the past day, more than 200 pallets of food, clothing, and personal hygiene products were dispatched from the warehouses.

The warehouses have a sufficient amount of medicines. Yesterday 7 trucks left for the oblasts, which are now in the combat zone.

Sean Penn will help IDPs in the Lviv oblast.


The situation is under control; an air raid alert sounded during the day. According to Mayor Taras Kuchma, if the land is not cultivated and sown within two weeks, it will be considered as negligence.

Men of the conscription age are required to register with the military registration and recruitment office. There are reports that some male IDPs try to evade such registration from time to time.

The city provides shelter to all IDPs, numbering more than 7000.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk came under fire in the Chernihiv Oblast while delivering humanitarian aid and communications. Ruslan Martsinkiv noted that some members of the humanitarian mission were wounded, but the cargo was delivered to its destination.

Humanitarian aid arrived from Poland. Support was provided in response to an appeal by the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast State Administration to the Mayor of Krakow, Jacek Maychrowski (Republic of Poland). There are more than 10 tons of things in the truck: food, medicine, hygiene products, and karemats.

At a checkpoint at one of the entrances to Ivano-Frankivsk, Tysmenytsia police officers and officers of the Security Service of Ukraine and Territorial Defense Forces stopped a BMW car. A 31-year-old resident of the district drove the car. Police found obvious signs of alcohol intoxication and an object resembling a firearm with ammunition. Administrative materials were drawn up against the offender, and criminal proceedings were instituted.

Rivne Oblast


The general situation is calm. There was one air alarm. The Armed Forces of Ukraine patrol the border with Belarus. The Territorial Defense Forces patrol the oblast and are on duty at checkpoints.

32 650 IDPs registered in the Rivne Oblast have taken refuge here. In total, the oblast received more than 37 000 IDPs.

The oblast authorities informed about the readiness of almost 300 apartments for IDPs, as there are 90% ready constructions in the Oblast. And today, construction is already in full swing.

The local higher education institution, the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering offered free classes in foreign languages (English, German, French, Turkish), preparation for the External Independent Assessment in English online, developmental classes with primary school children, translation services for IDPs and consultations in educational and scientific fields. (// Citizens are united, help volunteer headquarters financially and immaterially.

Khmelnytskyi Oblast

Over the past month, forty-eight appeals to search for relatives have been received by Khmelnytskyi police. People lost touch with each other because of the war. As of March 25, the whereabouts of 28 people had been identified.


The situation in the city is under control. There was a farewell ceremony with the hero, serviceman of the 19th separate missile brigade “St. Barbara” Serhiy Melnyk. The Khmelnytskyi fish farm provided two and a half tons of silver carp and carp – more than a thousand cans of stew, handed over to the soldiers on the front line. Khmelnytskyi Oblast receives aid from foreign citizens and the diaspora almost every day. Today another batch of such cargo was delivered from Italy (Vatican). Philanthropists of the Apostolic Exarchate of Ukrainian Catholics of the Byzantine Rite in Italy collected more than 5 tons of medicines, including antibiotics, painkillers, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory drugs. Oxygen concentrators, dressings, etc., arrived. The total cost of the cargo is more than 160 thousand euros. All the proceeds will be handed over to the medical institutions of the Oblast, which take care of our wounded soldiers.


The situation is relatively calm. Utility services are functioning. The Armed Forces of Ukraine perform their duties according to the staffing schedule. Territorial Defense Forces patrol checkpoints and guard strategic objects. The city government works without days off.

IDPs assistance is provided by humanitarian aid from sister cities and volunteer assistance. Also, two daily meals from the delivered products were organized. More than a thousand sets of hygiene items, baby food, diapers, more than 1300 food kits, 3430 free lunches, and 3430 free dinners in our canteens were issued from Friday to Saturday. In the last two days, the city has officially received another 678 people (during the whole time of the war – about 19 thousand). Dormitories and kindergartens are used for resettlement. According to unofficial information, the city and 12 villages of the community sheltered about 25-30 thousand Ukrainians. There is a humanitarian stock hub. Over the weekend, about 4000 IDPs were given clothes, hygiene items, and children’s belongings.

The mayor proposes to hold a spring “Unity Toloka” and invites everyone to join this action. Business relocation from dangerous regions continues. Today, 22 companies in various industries are considering moving their production to Kamianets-Podilskyi.

Chernivtsi Oblast (Bukovyna)

The situation in the Oblast remains calm and under control. More than half a hundred women from Bukovyna have already been drafted into the army: first of all, the army needs those with scarce specialties. Reserve officers trained in military departments are encouraged to contact territorial recruitment and social support centers.

Chernivtsi Oblast has already sheltered more than 66 000 IDPs, 21 000 of whom are children. They are provided with free housing, food, and other assistance. The employment center has about 500 vacancies so that those who want can get a job.

Bukovyna continues to accept children in danger due to the fighting: 25 young residents of Rivne Oblast aged 4 to 17 were evacuated to the Oblast – pupils of four specialized schools and a training and rehabilitation center. The distance learning process continues in all 349 schools in Bukovyna.

Romanian volunteers donated humanitarian aid to internally displaced children living in Bukovyna. The State Emergency Service in Chernivtsi received assistance in 27 fire trucks, 21 ambulances, and more than 50 tons of rescue equipment from France. There was an activity in Chernivtsi during which free food for pets of IDPs was distributed free of charge.

Zakarpattia Oblast

It’s calm in the city, and the situation is under control. There were few air alarms. In Uzhgorod, 280 liters of goulash were prepared and distributed to IDPs.

The Office of Legal Support for Victims of the Invasion has opened at Uzhhorod National University. IDPs, together with residents of Berehovo, organized a community workday.

In Vynohradovo, a woman from Kharkiv, who had to leave her hometown as a result of hostilities, created a mural in gratitude for the hospitality of the city and its inhabitants.

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