Raising awareness of NATO in the East and South of Ukraine

Project "Raising awareness of NATO in the East and South of Ukraine" is realized by the Centre for Global Studies Strategy XXI with the support of the Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine.

The project is aimed at raising awareness among the communities of the East and South of Ukraine, in particular among young people, about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, its activities in Ukraine and the world, its core values and principles. 

The project is aimed to help build up a positive public perception of NATO in those regions that do not traditionally favor Ukraine's rapprochement with NATO, increase the level of public debate on peace and security in the regions, and highlight the benefits of Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration.

The aim of the project will be achieved first of all by conducting a series of workshops at five higher education institutions - Sumy State University, Kherson State University; Donetsk State Management University (Mariupol), V. Stus Donetsk National University (Vinnytsia) and V.I. VernadskyTavrida National University.  The workshop will consist of theoretical part - a lecture about activities of NATO in Ukraine by prof. Hrygorii Perepelytsia, and the practical part - a simulation game “Countering propaganda information attacks against NATO-Ukraine cooperation in messages of local media as a component of cyber security” by Vitalii Martyniuk, Head of international programs of the Centre Strategy XXI. 

In parallel, communities of the South and East of Ukraine will be informed through digital and media information campaigns in local and national media, social networks. 

In the framework of the Project, it is planned to place the information desks with the special issues of the Black Sea Security Journal, devoted to NATO-Ukraine cooperation in the university libraries. 

Project Duration:  June 1, 2019 - March 15, 2020 




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