Black Sea Security 1 (31) 2018

In the spotlight of our attention rests non-military dimension of Russian aggression against Ukraine, Europe and the whole civilized world. Its informatinal component, which the Kremlin uses, trying to form new paradigms of the world's order, is of great importance. Detailed analysis helps to find vulnarabilities of aggressor and enhance protection.

As before, we will continue to pay attention to the Caspian-Black Sea-Baltic space to which we will add both the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkan region. The Black Sea region is now in the political epicentre of the four seas. The impudent militarization of the occupied Crimea has already transformed it into a military base for the war in Syria. And in the future, Russia will try to destabilize the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean in order to prevent or at least delay the beginning of the exploration of natural gas deposits opened in the region in early 2000s. New non-Russian gas streams Moscow sees as its rivals, who need to be destroyed. For more details, please visit the link above. 



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