Black Sea Security 2 (32) 2018

The key topic of October issue is usage of civil marine gas infrastructure in the Black Sea by Russia. The authors of the article had come to the conclusion that the existing pipeline Nord Stream and potential pipleines Nord Stream 2 and the TurkStream could be used as a long-range playgrounds for hidden placing of the technical devices for Signals Intelligence against NATO in the Black and Baltic Seas.

Moreover, in the spotlight are the following topics: 

- U.S. policy towards the war that Russia wages in the East of Ukraine; 

- new tendencies and mechanism of blocking by Russia the Azov ports of  Mariupol anf Berdyansk; 

- Western Balkans, in particular Russian impacts on Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, dessimination mechanisms for the Russian propaganda and its counteraction to NATO and the EU; 

- Russian intervention in Syria and its possible expansion to the Black sea region; 

- prospects for creation of the new Italian-Hungarian political block and its chances in the next elections to the European Parliament; 

- actions of the Russian Orthodox Church in France; 

- security passport of Odesa region. 



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