Black Sea Security 2 (38) 2020

This issue is the 10th since the resumption of its publication in the summer of 2017 and the 38th since its founding in 2005 in Sevastopol by the Nomos Center.

In this issue of the journal you will find many interesting pieces that are published for the first time - what are the enemy forces at sea, what underwater threats await Ukraine and NATO in the Black Sea, what should be the Ukrainian Navy, a revolutionary view on the Montreux Convention, scenarios waiting for Russia through the eyes of a Russian expert, a look at the Baltic and Black Sea regions of the South Caucasus and their role in the world politics. Energy, sanctions against Russia are also in the spotlight of this issue. Also, for the first time we are making a special supplement to the journal in electronic form "In the spotlight". Dr. Benjamin Schmitt, who served as European Energy Security Advisor at the U.S. Department of State, outlines the American vision for Russia's gas megaproject in a study "Putin's Pipeline and Transatlantic Security."




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