Black Sea Security 3 (35) 2019

In this issue of the journal, our authors from Romania, Italy, Georgia, Moldova, in their articles, have reflected the threatening dynamics and trends of the security environment in the Black Sea region as well as in the adjacent regions of the Caspian, Eastern Mediterranean, and the Balkans, where Russia is demonstrating its dominance and opposing NATO.

The outlines of a new geopolitical game between the US and Russia have emerged. Russia's attempt to penetrate the "soft subsoil" of the United States through Venezuela is now turning to Moscow for an American-Greek alliance to curb Russian and Turkish ambitions in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Against the background of deterioration of Ukraine's foreign and security situation, the ill-considered initiatives of the new authorities to resolve the conflict in Donbas under the Steinmeier formula, Russia's explicit attempt to resuscitate the Novorossiya project, military build-up of the Russian strike forces at the borders of Ukraine, defense policy is gaining momentum. That is why we publish a fundamental article on defense by Volodymyr Gorbulin, former Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, now First Vice President of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.



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