Reparations we have to demand from Russia for the occupation of Donbass and Crimea

This piece can be considered as a contribution to further expert discussions and development of a strategy for the deoccupation of the temporarily occupied territories of the Crimean Peninsula and Donbas.

By Tanteli Ratuvukheri 

In general, at least four main components of this process need to be considered:
1. Direct liberation of the territory with the introduction of foreign military and mercenaries.
2. Reparations - receiving compensation and compensation from the aggressor for losses from occupation, expropriation and war.
3. Reintegration - restoration of viability of this territory, reconstruction and further development, and also their full-fledged integration into system processes of Ukraine.
4. Development of an international mechanism, new by order of which recurrences in the future are not allowed, in advance, in the Azov-Black Sea region, as well as along the entire perimeter of the state borders of Ukraine.

Full version of the article is available in Ukrainian. 



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